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Samsung Electronics showcased its AI-strengthened Galaxy ecosystem at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 in Las Vegas from January 9-12.


The dedicated Mobile Experience Zone at Samsung’s booth pulled attendees in for one last glimpse at the company’s top innovations where visitors could experience the latest Galaxy products, including the Galaxy Book4 Series, and view how they are strengthened by partnerships with industry leaders.


Samsung Newsroom visited the site and summarized the main highlights of the event. Read on to learn how the company is driving the hyper-connected mobile experience of the future.


▲ Attendees flocked to the Mobile Experience Zone at the Samsung CES booth.



New, Exciting AI Capabilities With the Galaxy Book4 Series

The new Galaxy Book4 Series was spotlighted near the entrance of the zone. Attendees could experience the strong AI performance and the incredibly responsive touchscreen display of the Galaxy Book4, released on January 4 in Korea.


▲ Attendees tested out the recently released Galaxy Book4 series, featuring streamlined processing power and AI-enhanced intelligent features.


The Galaxy Book4 series is equipped with the new Intel® Core™ Ultra Processor, offering expanded connectivity and a high-performance AI experience. The zone featured up-close demonstrations of the laptop’s increased processing power, made possible by a newly-added Neural Processing Unit (NPU).


▲ Boasting a high-definition screen, the Dynamic AMOLED 2X touchscreen displays images in precise, lifelike detail.


Applied to all models in the series for the first time, the Dynamic AMOLED 2X touchscreen captivated attendees who used their hands to scroll and zoom in and out. “It has the touchscreen which I like,” said one visitor. “For me, touchscreen is everything — even on my laptop.”

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▲ Attendees experienced firsthand how the Galaxy Book4 Series’ enhanced productivity tools can help them accomplish more in less time.


Even under the bright lights of the booth, the high-resolution display was glare free thanks to the anti-reflection capabilities that prevent reflection in different lighting environments. Additionally, the Vision Booster feature automatically adjusted the color contrast and brightness, allowing visitors to fully experience the crystal-clear display right at the heart of the bustling electronics show.



A Cohesive Device Experience Through an AI-Enhanced Galaxy Ecosystem

With AI sweeping the tech industry, partnerships are more important than ever when pursuing innovation. By collaborating with cutting-edge technology leaders, Samsung is elevating the user experience through bolstered productivity and efficiency.


Visitors explored spaces dedicated to partners, such as Microsoft and Google, who share Samsung’s vision for streamlined productivity and strengthened device connectivity.


▲Dedicated spaces for Samsung’s partners, including Microsoft (left) and Google (right), were set up within the space, giving visitors the chance to learn about the various products and services that have come about as a result of their collaboration.


One result of these partnerships includes Copilot — Microsoft’s Generative AI assistant that can accurately read, summarize and send text messages from mobile or PC to create a cohesive experience between two devices. In addition, Google Meet offers high-quality video during conference calls.


What’s more, attendees were able to experience Galaxy’s leading productivity tools. Multi Control allows movement between Galaxy smartphones and tablets with a mouse or keyboard, and Second Screen enables PC displays to be expanded or duplicated on a tablet.

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▲ Before exiting the booth, visitors were treated to a teaser of the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event, hosted on January 17 in San Jose, CA.


To build anticipation for a new AI mobile experience, Samsung teased the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event — where the company plans to announce its new flagship smartphone on January 17.


In the Mobile Experience Zone, attendees discovered the potential of AI and how connectivity builds bridges for enhanced device experiences. Watch how in the video below.


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