Behind-The-Scenes of How Samsung Lit up Vegas Skyline at Sphere With New Galaxy Teaser – Samsung Global Newsroom

The future of entertainment meets the future of technology. On January 8, Samsung Electronics unveiled a larger-than-life teaser for the upcoming Galaxy series on Sphere, a now iconic part of the Las Vegas skyline.


Billed as the world’s largest spherical structure, Sphere boasts one of the world’s highest-resolution wraparound LED screens, and its exterior can be programmed to flash dynamic imagery on a massive scale. The outside of the dome-shaped performance venue was the first to display the new features of the Galaxy series, allowing viewers to enjoy stunning, 360-degree visuals without distortion. Most notably, the video starred Marvel Studios’ Dr. Strange as he opened a portal to a different dimension — just as Samsung opened up a new world of possibilities with mobile AI.


How was this monumental commercial produced? Samsung Newsroom went behind the scenes with the Mobile eXperience Marketing team working to promote Samsung and Galaxy at major global landmarks. Watch the video below to learn more about the making of the latest Galaxy series teaser.


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