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At this year’s Galaxy Unpacked on January 17, Samsung Electronics unveiled the Galaxy S24 series, ushering in a new era of mobile AI. With Galaxy AI, the series captivated both domestic and international media and consumers worldwide. 


Visitors attended Galaxy Unpacked at the SAP Center in San Jose, and Samsung Newsroom was on the scene to capture the first reactions of people getting hands-on with the latest Galaxy lineup. Keep reading for more photos, highlights and updates from Galaxy Unpacked 2024. 



Setting the Stage for the Samsung’s First AI Phone 

Before entering the arena for Galaxy Unpacked, media, influencers and fans from around the world packed the lobby. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation for the latest Galaxy devices, which promised to revolutionize the mobile landscape with Galaxy AI. 


▲ Consumers from all over the world, along with local and international media, and Samsung Members Stars, lined up at the reception to register for Galaxy Unpacked 2024.



Hands-On With the Galaxy S24 Series in the Experience Zone 

Following the Unpacked presentation, visitors flocked to the Galaxy S24 Experience Zone, where they could experience Galaxy AI for the first time. 


▲ Visitors to Galaxy Unpacked 2024 got hands-on experience with the latest Galaxy S24 series.


▲ Influencers, media and Galaxy fans test out Galaxy AI at Galaxy Unpacked 2024.



First Impressions From Team Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Members Stars 

▲ (Top) Team Samsung Galaxy skateboarders Sky Brown and Jagger Eaton (far left and right) posed with Samsung President and Head of MX TM Roh and Google SVP Hiroshi Lockheimer at Galaxy Unpacked 2024. (Bottom) Team Samsung Galaxy Skateboarders Sky Brown and Jagger Eaton.


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Following the Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung Newsroom sat down with remarkable athlete ambassadors from Team Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Members Stars and consumers to hear their first reactions to the newly unveiled Galaxy products. 


“It’s amazing to be here at Unpacked for the first time,” said Sky Brown, professional skateboarder, surfer and member of Team Samsung Galaxy. Her favorite new feature was Instant Slow-mo, powered by Galaxy AI, which adds new frames to slow down videos. “I’m always filming my skating and surfing,” she revealed. “The Slow-mo is insane. I can capture everything to analyze and fix my tricks. It’s so helpful with the things I do.”


“The presentation was unbelievably detailed, and the passion was unreal,” said Jagger Eaton, Olympic skateboarder and fellow member of Team Samsung Galaxy. What caught his attention the most was the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s camera, particularly its Space Zoom and Slow-mo features. “The first thing I did when I walked into the Galaxy Experience Space was grab the phone and use the camera,” he shared. “With Galaxy AI, I feel like you can use it for everyday life.”


Samsung Newsroom then had the opportunity to meet with Samsung Members Stars, the company’s brand ambassadors who share their passion for Galaxy with Samsung Community members worldwide. 


▲ Samsung Members Stars and twin sisters Ahyeon Lee and Ayeong Lee at Galaxy Unpacked 2024


Ahyeon Lee and Ayeong Lee, twin sisters from Korea, shared their excitement about seeing the all-new Samsung Galaxy S24 series unveiled in person. Of all the new Galaxy AI functions, they chose Note Assist and Circle to Search as the most impressive features. “I use Samsung laptops for studying and note-taking to organize my schedule. It’s fantastic that AI can summarize my notes in one go, saving me the trouble of doing it manually,” said Ahyeon Lee. “Before, when I came across clothes or shoes that I liked, I used to take pictures and ask around for where to buy them. Now, with Circle to Search, I can look for information immediately with a simple swipe,” added her sister, Ayeong Lee. 

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▲ Alexis Masson, a Samsung Members Star from France, at Galaxy Unpacked 2024


“Previously, I’ve only watched the Galaxy Unpacked event through YouTube live. It was an honor to be able to see TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience (MX) Business, in person today,” said Alexis Masson, a Samsung Members Star from France. “The AI Edit and Chat Assist features revealed at Unpacked today caught my attention, specifically in how the features help you by suggesting different text styles and tones. As a Samsung Members Star, I plan to use these AI features to help me write articles for the Samsung Community.” 


▲ (From left) Samsung Members Stars and Team Members Stars at Galaxy Unpacked 2024



Tapping Into the Excitement of Galaxy Users 

Finally, Samsung Newsroom spoke with influencers and media in attendance to check the pulse on which Galaxy AI features were their favorites. 


▲ Lifestyle influencer Raghda Kouyoumdjian at Galaxy Unpacked 2024



Gamers, athletes and lifestyle influencers alike — numerous Unpacked attendees pointed out Circle to Search with Google as a highlight of the Galaxy S24 series. “Circle to Search is going to make shopping so easy for me!” said Raghda Kouyoumdjian, a social media influencer and lifestyle YouTuber from Jordan. “You don’t need to screenshot, type in more information or switch to another app. You can just circle the item, and that’s amazing.” 


▲ Twitch streamer Denise Teo JiaQi (Supercatkei) at Galaxy Unpacked 2024


Gamers, in particular, also expressed enthusiasm for the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s bright and immersive viewing experience. With its 6.8-inch flatter display and slimmer, more uniform bezels that allow for larger screen sizes, the anticipation was high. Denise Teo JiaQi (Supercatkei), a Twitch streamer from Singapore, shared her excitement, saying, “I already knew it was going to be pretty epic, to be honest. The seamless screen experience on the Galaxy S24 is something I really enjoy as a gamer and live streamer. I’m very eager to try it for myself!”

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▲ Delfi reporter Tomas Stasiukevičius at Galaxy Unpacked 2024



Tomas Stasiukevičius, a reporter from Lithuania for Delfi, found Samsung’s efforts to overcome language barriers particularly impressive. “I was completely blown away by all the AI that enhances the experience of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series,” he said. “I’m really excited about the new Interpreter and Live Translate features that you can actually use to communicate in a foreign language without any boundaries.” Tomas recounted a personal experience facing language barriers in Spain, where English wasn’t widely spoken, making communication challenging. “However, with the new Galaxy S24 series, traveling has become limitless.”


▲ Ngô Trần Thịnh from Ho Chi Minh City Television at Galaxy Unpacked 2024


Ngô Trần Thịnh, the Head of Digital Content at Ho Chi Minh City Television, praised the translation of Live Translate, even for complex language pairs. “I used to think translation was impossible, but with AI, it’s absolutely possible.” Putting the feature to the test, he spoke in Vietnamese while his friend communicated in English, achieving a “100% accurate” translation. In his role, Thịnh focuses on making technology seamless for users, noting that Samsung is excelling in this aspect.” That’s what I love about Samsung’s technology – it’s ushering in a new era of AI for all.” 


This year, Galaxy Unpacked has set the stage for a new era of mobile technology. With the Galaxy S24 series powered by Galaxy AI, innovation is now in the hands of users like never before. For more on how AI is opening more possibilities for users, stay tuned to Samsung Newsroom. 


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