Report: Huawei Mate 40 series will launch in October as scheduled

The latest tip from a blogger on Weibo suggests that Mate 40 series powered by 5nm chip will launch in October as scheduled despite the current situation.

Huawei is in the news every other day since the US government extended the ban for another year, in addition to curbing its chipset supplies from TSMC. This resulted in the rise of multiple reports with new information every week. The latest tip from a blogger on Weibo suggests that Mate 40 series powered by 5nm chip will launch in October as scheduled despite the current situation.

Huawei is known to design its own chipsets for its devices, however, they are manufactured by TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) as the homegrown SMIC (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation) does not have access to latest technologies.

Huawei P40 Pro (5G) ELS-NX9 Dual/Hybrid-SIM 256GB (GSM Only | No CDMA) Factory Unlocked Smartphone (Black) - International Version
Huawei P40 Pro (5G) ELS-NX9 Dual/Hybrid-SIM 256GB (GSM Only | No CDMA)...
HUAWEI P30 Pro Factory Unlocked International Version 128GB Black
HUAWEI P30 Pro Factory Unlocked International Version 128GB Black

Hence, the US government’s new sanction on TSMC is a major blow to Huawei. But it does not go live until September. Therefore, an earlier report said that the new 5nm Kirin 1000 chipset will be delivered on time.

Now, a well-known blogger on Weibo going by the name of Moile Chip Expert further confirms it. He says, as scheduled, Huawei will have access to all the required 5nm and 10nm mobile chips along with 16nm and 28nm TWS chips by mid-September.

He also goes on saying that Mate 40 series will be launched in October and Huawei will have supplies for about 8 million units in Q4 2020. This goes against the previous report on the delay in flagship smartphone production.

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Anyway, if this info happens to be true, then Huawei is on track, at least for 2020. But beyond that, who knows what happens next.


  1. Despite the ongoing trade war issues surrounding Huawei, this is still the absolute BEST smart phone camera on the market period. There’s no competition. If price is not a factor get this phone. That said. it is pricey (on par with Pixel3) but it blows the pixel 3 out of the water. More powerful specs, better camera and overall much more premium feeling when you hold it in your hand. Some people consider EMUI a down side but honestly not me. I quite enjoy the gesture based navigation and I haven’t had any real problems so far.To be noted this particular product listing did NOT come with a free clear plastic case like you might see in various unboxing videos. The super charger that comes with it is EU plug (it came with a super cheap adapter to convert to US but it’s cheap and not a very stable connection so i recommend getting a better adapter.)I recommend registering for a huawei ID ahead of time on a computer because I ran into issues doing it on the device. If you are getting this to use on Google Fi make sure you order a free sim card from google prior to getting the phone. Despite being advertised as “Sim-Free” this is not the same as Google Fi “Sim-free setup”. all it means in this case is they don’t include a sim because it’s unlocked for all carriers, you still need to put a sim in sim slot 1 for service it’s not eSim capable

  2. I am a longtime iPhone user, so this was a big jump for me. My hobby is photography, and I thought the iPhone Xs camera was amazing, but the P30 blows that camera out of the water in so many ways. The 10x digital zoom is unbelievable sharp, and the 5x optical zoom is unparalleled. The phone has a beautiful feel in the hand, even with a case. I think part of that is the narrow width/longer length. Even though the screen specs are nowhere near those of the Galaxy10, I find it crisp and bright. EMUI might be antiquated, but I find it perfectly functional. Although it is expensive, even the basic version is 8GB RAM and 128GB memory is a huge leap from my Xs, for less money. My only complaint so far is the facial recognition – it barely works. Sometimes, even in perfect light and no hat or sunglasses, it doesn’t work. But I sure like having a unique camera. Here in the US, the carrier monopoly offers such a limited selection, resulting in most people having the same phones, which at the higher end are iPone/Galaxy/Pixel.

  3. It’s good. Stylish. Most apps were transferred from old phone via phone clone app. I will need to keep my old phone alive at home for some apps and future transfer. Camera is great as always and capture quicker than my old p30pro. I will save time and money from not having YouTube app available on this phone. Delivery is quicker than expected. There are so many free apk app stores on web which offer Google services on Huawei but they all look spam so I recommend to stay away.

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