Google TV Kids Profiles Get Three Important New Features

Google TV has had kids profiles for some time, long before they allowed adults to have multiple profiles. Those same kids profiles are getting a boost in features this week, all of which will help families who want more control, to explore recommended content, and who have kids who might be ready to move-on from YouTube Kids.

The first new feature is parent-managed watchlists, which are exactly as the name suggests. Now, you as the parent can add items to a watchlist for your kids should you find something you want them to watch. When you find a show or movie for your kid, simply press on the watchlist button and then select their profile.

Google is also adding Google-powered recommendations to kids profiles. When your kid is on their profile, they’ll now see popular movies and shows based on the “apps you’ve added and the rating settings you’ve set.” See something not appropriate or that you’d rather your kid not annoy you with watch? You can press and hold on a show before selecting a new “Hide” button.

And finally, if you have kids who have grown beyond the limited content on YouTube Kids, Google is pushing out a new supervised experience for Youtube that can be viewed from within a Google TV kids profile. There are new content settings available for the supervised experience that include options for pre-teens and older kids, the ability to block channels, and more. Much of those settings will be found separately from the YouTube mobile app on your phone.

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You can checkout more info on supervised YouTube here.

All of these new Google TV features will begin rolling out today and complete their rollout over the “next few weeks.”

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