Does the Samsung Galaxy Ring have waterproof capabilities?

Is the Samsung Galaxy Ring waterproof?

Best answer: Yes, but there are restrictions. With an IP68 and 10ATM water resistance rating, you can take the Samsung Galaxy Ring snorkeling and swimming.

This is what you can and can’t do with the Samsung Galaxy Ring

The Samsung Galaxy Ring’s 10ATM (ATM meaning atmosphere) rating means it can withstand 100 meters of water pressure (328 feet) but should not be submerged that much. This IP rating is an IP68 rating, meaning the smart ring can be submerged underwater for about 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5 meters. You can take it with you to activities such as water sports, washing the dishes, taking a shower, swimming, and other shallow water activities. But it’s best to avoid intense rapids or currents and activities such as scuba diving or high-impact jetskiing since those activities can surpass the amount of pressure the rating can handle.

You may come across different ATM ratings. For example, a 1ATM rating can only handle ten meters of water pressure, a 3ATM can resist 30 meters, and a 5ATM rating can resist 50 meters. Every ten meters will add an additional ATM of pressure on the wearable. This rating is more than enough if you get caught in the rain or want to shower with it. Remember that the 100-meter rating is based on static pressure in a controlled area and does not apply to dynamic pressure you can experience in certain intense jetski activities. Samsung says the ring is not suitable for high water pressure and diving.

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It’s important to remember that a 10ATM rating (like the one found in the Amazfit Helio Ring) can deteriorate over time due to drops, exposure to harsh chemicals, extreme weather, and poor handling. The ring’s aging materials can also weaken the rating, so the longer you have the ring, the more careful you should be around water.

You can also help by drying the Samsung Galaxy Watch after it gets wet despite the 10ATM rating to ensure its rating lasts as long as possible. Drying it off after a good workout will also help keep your Samsung Galaxy Ring in good condition since the salt found in sweat can damage it over time. Furthermore, occasionally, having a professional inspect your ring is a great idea to see how the ATM rating is holding up. Whether you have one of the best intelligent rings or smartwatches of 2024, following the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions will also help make the ATM rating last longer.

IP and ATM ratings are not the same since they measure different things. IP stands for Ingress Protection and measures how resistant a device is against solid particles such as dust (first number) and water (second number) in an IP68 rating, for example. ATM, on the other hand, measures the amount of water pressure a wearable can resist.

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