Google Shares Updates to Gemini, Circle to Search With Samsung’s Z Series Launch

Today, as part of the Samsung launch event, Google has announced updates to some of its own products, utilizing Samsung’s new devices to showcase these enhancements. Updates include the Gemini app, Circle to Search, Wear OS 5, and YouTube TV. Here’s a quick summary of the updates:

– The Gemini app will soon allow users to launch it while watching a YouTube video on devices like the Galaxy Z series. This update will provide users with suggestions to gather more information about the video through a Gemini overlay or split-screen view.

– Circle to Search will be updated later this month to handle more complex topics such as symbolic math, as well as the ability to scan barcodes and QR codes on screen.

– Wear OS 5, initially announced at Google I/O, will be first introduced on Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch 7 series, with no word yet on its availability on other devices like the Pixel Watch 2.

– YouTube TV’s multiview feature will soon allow users on the Galaxy Z Fold 6 to watch four different streams simultaneously. While the combinations are pre-selected, this feature should work well on the new Fold’s squareish display.

These updates may be compatible with devices beyond Samsung’s ecosystem, so users with Pixel, OnePlus, or other Android phones should keep an eye out for these new features.

(Source: Google)

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