Can’t make calls or send text on MTN?

MTN NIgeria

Post Update August 2020: Always make sure your SIM card is properly registered to ensure service is not interrupted. Also, a simple phone restart sometimes solves this issue.

I personally noticed that from around 6:30 pm on Friday(this was 2015) I could neither make calls on my MTN line nor send text messages. Also, internet and BBM services were down. After some few hours, I decided to call the customer care line, that proved to be impossible since apparently I could not make any call. Thankfully I could still receive calls, so I wasn’t totally cut off from the world.

I hurriedly visited the nearest MTN support center and I quickly noticed that I was not the only one affected. After about one hour wait, I was able to see an agent who simply changed my tariff plan from TruTalk to SmoothTalk, this immediately cleared all the errors. Obviously,there was a problem with the TruTalk plan.
So if you are still having problems making calls,just change your tariff plan from TruTalk to Smooth Talk Plus, you can find how to do that in our MTN category or just dial *401# on your phone
I was a little surprised that MTN could afford to send me up to five promotional offers through text messages everyday but they couldn’t send one to notify me of a disruption of service. Na wa oh.

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  1. I can’t make outgoing calls with my MTN Sim card .Am able to receive incoming calls use data and Mobile Money BUT I CAN’T MAKE OUTGOING CALLS Please. Help me

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