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At CES 2024, the world’s largest electronics show, Samsung Electronics showcased the innovative technologies and creative ideas it developed through its in-house venture and start-up accelerator, Samsung Creative Lab (C-Lab). At the event that kicked off January 9 in Las Vegas, Samsung featured its highest number of start-ups and projects yet: a total of 15 projects and start-ups were on display, including ten start-ups from C-Lab Outside, three start-ups spun off from in-house ventures and two projects from C-Lab Inside, its in-house venture program. Spanning fields including AI, healthcare and energy, these start-ups debuted on the global stage — seeking new markets while engaging directly with attendees and buyers from around the world.


The spotlight of this year’s convention was on AI. Samsung Newsroom sat down with the leaders behind these cutting-edge companies, from RebuilderAI, offering an AI solution for 3D content creation on smartphones, to Goose Labs, operating a home fitness platform in the metaverse.


▲ Samsung C-Lab start-ups took part in CES 2024 in Las Vegas, U.S. on January 9



Goose Labs – Transforming Home Fitness in the Metaverse

In today’s fast-paced world, many struggle with the lack of physical activity. While everyone recognizes the importance of exercise, gym memberships can be costly and at-home workouts often feel tedious.


▲ At CES 2024, Goose Labs presented an AI-based metaverse fitness service that aims to make exercising at home more enjoyable.


Goose Labs, a C-Lab spin-off leader, aims to change this with “FIVA,” an AI-powered metaverse home fitness app. “FIVA was born from a desire to make exercise an enjoyable part of daily life, not a daunting task,” explained Seo-Hee Lee, a representative at Goose Labs. “We use AI motion capture in the app to mirror users’ movements with avatars, and we added a community feature so that people could support each other in the metaverse.”  What sets “FIVA” apart is its live classes led by expert trainers in various fitness domains, from traditional weight training to dance fitness and ballet workouts.

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▲ In “FIVA,” Goose Labs’ AI-based home fitness app in the metaverse, users can exercise with avatars that mirror their exact movements.


At CES, Goose Labs showcased how users can seamlessly start a workout using only a smartphone to access the metaverse. “You don’t need extra sensors or devices,” said Lee. “And you can exercise comfortably at home without worrying about a tidy house or special clothes.”


CES 2024 marks Goose Labs’ first exhibition event following its establishment under the C-Lab program, making the event more meaningful. “I think our presence here was possible thanks to the various mentoring and growth opportunities we received through the Samsung C-Lab network following our spin-off,” said Lee. “Being part of the ‘C-Lab family,’ I’m hopeful that this event will be even more impactful.”


▲ Goose Labs presented its AI-based metaverse home fitness app “FIVA”


Looking ahead, Lee shared his curiosity about attendees’ reactions to Goose Labs’ technology. “At this exhibition, we’re unveiling our new avatars, gaming features and our Android app,” said Lee. “We’re eager for feedback that can help us improve our services going forward.”



RebuilderAI – Bringing the Real World Into Virtual Spaces

Samsung actively nurtures external start-ups through its C-Lab Outside program, aiming to share its expertise and bolster the Korean start-up scene. Handpicked for this program, start-ups like RebuilderAI received full support, including financial backing and customized development programs.


RebuilderAI, a 3D technology start-up chosen for Samsung’s C-Lab Outside program in 2023, showcased its specialized AI technology at CES 2024. The company received a CES 2024 Innovation Award for its AI solution “VRIN 3D,” which enables users to create high-quality 3D content simply by using a smartphone camera to capture surroundings — eliminating the need for studios or costly equipment. This breakthrough marked a shift toward a future where anyone can easily create a 3D model using a single smartphone through AI technology.

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▲ Visitors explored the RebuilderAI booth at Samsung C-Lab’s exhibition during CES 2024.


When Junghyun Kim founded RebuilderAI, metaverse and spatial computing were still emerging at the forefront of next-generation content technologies. “While there was a lot of interest in 3D technology, it still required a lot of time and resources. It also often resulted in large file sizes, making the technology less usable. That’s when I started to wonder how technology could be used to streamline the creation of 3D assets at a desired scale,” he said.


This led to the development of “VRIN 3D,” an AI-driven solution allowing anyone to generate 3D content using just a smartphone and conveniently edit their texture or background online. Visitors at RebuilderAI’s booth were able to see their selfies transformed into 3D product models using the user-friendly VRIN 3D app.


▲ Visitors learned more about “VRIN 3D,” RebuilderAI’s app that uses AI to generate 3D assets with a single smartphone.


RebuilderAI’s solution is used in product manufacturing, training data production, simulations, production inspections and more. Its impact spans multiple industries, including marketing, manufacturing, design, construction and real estate. Currently, the solution is only available to businesses, but the company plans to gradually expand its services, empowering anyone to create 3D models quickly and effortlessly.


▲ RebuilderAI, a 3D technology start-up, presented “VRIN 3D” at CES 2024. This innovative AI solution uses smartphone cameras to capture surrounding objects and spaces, generating high-quality 3D content.


“The C-Lab Outside program supported us while we were preparing for our exhibition for CES 2024, where we were able to meet many customers from around the world. Thanks to that crucial support, we could focus all our attention on preparation,” said Kim. “We are in the process of establishing partnerships with domestic and international companies, so I hope people will stay tuned.”

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Paving the Way for the Future of AI

Under the spotlight at CES 2024, Samsung C-Lab start-ups showcased their groundbreaking AI technologies, advancements and vision for the future on a global scale. At the event, these start-ups earned one Best of Innovation Award along with 22 Innovation Awards.


This year’s C-Lab participants received positive responses for offering diverse AI technologies designed for everyday use. Notable examples included “Style Bot,” a customizable AI fashion recommendation service, and “Yellosis,” an AI healthcare solution based on smart toilet technology for urine analysis.


▲ Samsung presented “Stylebot,” a customized fashion recommendation AI service, at CES 2024.


▲ Samsung showcased its C-Lab start-up program at CES 2024, the world’s largest IT and electronics exhibition, in Las Vegas on January 9.


From January 9-12, CES attendees can visit Samsung’s C-Lab booths to witness the creative ideas and innovative technologies unique to start-ups. For more CES updates, stay tuned to Samsung Newsroom.

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