[Video] Introducing the Next-Level Connectivity of Wi-Fi 6E – Samsung Global Newsroom

Over the past year, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity has become more critical to our lives than ever before.


Samsung has always been at the forefront of developing groundbreaking wireless communication technologies. Continuing that legacy, the Galaxy S21 Ultra provides users with next-level mobile communication experiences thanks to the cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6E, enhanced Intelligent Wi-Fi, and OpenRoaming. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is one of the first smartphones to support Wi-Fi 6E using the 6GHz band, providing faster, more reliable connections for its users.


Check out this short video from Jong-Mu Choi, Vice President and Head of Convergence R&D Group, Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics, to learn how Samsung is innovating Wi-Fi connectivity for Galaxy users.


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