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Animal shelters around the world are full of abandoned pets waiting for their forever home. This heartbreaking state of affairs does have a bright side, however, as pet adoption has recently been on the rise. To raise adoption awareness, Samsung Electronics partnered with experts at animal shelters to fully understand the situation.


“Today, unfortunately, the number of abandoned animals is on the rise, and our dedicated association is tirelessly striving to secure the perfect home for each one of our furry residents,” explained Gloria Malin, founder of S-PAS, an animal rescue association in Croatia.


With canine appearance affecting the likelihood of whether or not a dog is adopted, Samsung developed the “See Beyond Color” campaign to highlight the pets that are in need of forever homes  especially since studies show that a growing number of pet parents around the world are harnessing their smartphones to capture pictures of their furry friends.



Putting a Face to Shelter Animals To Raise Adoption Awareness


Combining the adorable qualities of man’s best friend with Samsung’s leading photo-capturing technologies, the “See Beyond Color” initiative is currently running in Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia in partnership with local animal shelters from April to July 2023.


With its powerful 200MP camera lens, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is supporting the initiative and its goal of spreading adoption awareness by capturing high-resolution images of canine models, down to even the smallest detail in their expressions and appearances. The intricate portraits serve to truly bring these shelter animals to life, showcasing their individual characteristics and proving that animals are much more than their coloring.


At the Ljubljana shelter in Slovenia, workers are fully aware of the charm of a dog’s appearance, stating that “beautiful photos of dogs capture people’s attention and increase the chances of the dog finding a potential adopter.” Therefore, employees work hard to capture appealing photos for the shelter’s website and social media platforms where they promote pets seeking forever homes.

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Photography can capture an animal’s best angles, even if the color of its fur cannot be changed. The Galaxy S23 Ultra’s powerful 200MP camera and Nightography feature make taking stunning photos of furry friends a breeze, helping to win over the hearts of viewers and any potential adopters.


“As we strive for technological advancement, we also remain steadfast in our commitment to socially responsible business practices,” said Pavle Zobundžija, Head of the Mobile Experience Department, Samsung Electronics Adriatic. “The ‘See Beyond Color’ campaign embodies this ethos as we endeavor to celebrate and capture these magnificent creatures in vivid detail using Samsung’s cutting-edge camera technologies. With this initiative, we are aiming to lend a helping hand to local animal associations and their efforts to secure safe, loving homes for as many abandoned animals as possible.”



The Diversity of Color and Emotions


A key part of the “See Beyond Color” campaign is the belief that every animal deserves a home, regardless of its breed, coloring or size. Accordingly, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is the perfect camera to capture the unique personalities of these furry friends  from the mischievous glint in their eyes to the curious tilt of their heads. Galaxy S23 Ultra’s top-notch camera can compellingly convey how each animal has its own spirit and beauty. The canine models under the tagline are the true stars of the “See Beyond Color” campaign. The full collection of high-resolution photographs taken by the Galaxy S23 Ultra, as well as more information on these adoptable animals, can be found on the Samsung websites of the participating countries.1


In addition to promoting shelters within each participating region, the online platforms also feature a wide range of resources for current dog owners, including how to perfect their pet photography skills. Visitors can enjoy handy video tutorials on how to film their pets in 8K resolution, how to capture hilarious Super Slow-Mo videos and even how to create special videos with stickers using the Smart Select feature on their Galaxy smartphone.

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Pet owners strive to create memorable photos on a daily basis. In fact, Samsung Europe’s Pet Living survey2 conducted in partnership with Opinium found that almost half (47%) of pet owners have at least one social media account dedicated to their pet, with Instagram being the most popular platform of choice (27%) followed closely by Facebook (24%). Among them, 45% of respondents post at least once a week, displaying the massive popularity and dedication of owners who post pet-related content.



Celebrating Canine Companions in Epic Style

▲ Adopters with the shelter dogs


Raising adoption awareness, promoting responsible ownership and helping animal shelters find forever homes for abandoned pets are central to the “See Beyond Color” campaign.


Up to this point, 61 shelter dogs have been adopted a strong start in the effort to find homes for furry friends in need.


In order to bring the initiative to life, Samsung created special mobile pavilions called Studio23, visiting cities in Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia in order to engage with local communities. Decorated with captivating images from the campaign, the Samsung Studio23 mobile pavilions also function as social hubs for visitors and their canine companions, offering various activities including dog photography zones, dedicated play areas and a space to experience the Galaxy S23 series’ powerful camera first-hand. Over 7,000 people have visited these mobile pavilions so far with additional attendees expected in the coming weeks.


▲ Visitors and furry friends alike enjoy the range of activities and dedicated photo zones available at the Samsung Studio23 mobile pavilions.


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Moreover, social media influencers are promoting the “See Beyond Color” initiative by sharing their personal pet memories and bringing attention to shelter dogs who are up for adoption.


“Chia came into my life unexpectedly,” recalled Noemi Žonta, a Slovenian influencer participating in the campaign, and explained how she found her furry life companion. “I found her when I was visiting the island of Sardinia. Despite her past traumas, she has grown into a wonderful puppy. I cannot imagine a better companion. She goes with me everywhere when I’m traveling, working, relaxing, and even doing my hobbies.”


Since the beginning, Samsung’s “See Beyond Color” has been positively received by a wide audience including media, influencers, surrounding communities and local animal shelters. “The campaign helped us reach a larger number of followers who may not have heard of us before,” said Milena Brkljačić, from SPANS, an animal shelter in Serbia. “As a result of the ‘See Beyond Color’ campaign, more people have the opportunity, both during and after the campaign, to become new adopters or support our organization and adoption efforts in a variety of ways.”



All the engaging activities from the “See Beyond Color” campaign ultimately aim to raise awareness about abandoned animals, help pets find their forever homes and empower local communities. Through the stunning pictures taken with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Samsung encourages people to see the beauty in dogs of all breeds, colors and sizes with the hope adoptable dogs are able to reach potential owners.


Stay tuned to Samsung Newsroom for more information about Samsung’s social initiatives and programs around the world.



1 Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia.
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