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Products unveiled efficient features for a more environmentally conscious user experience

Samsung Electronics today unveiled the A-40% Washing Machine and the EHS Mono R290 heat pump at IFA 2023 in Berlin, Germany, one of the world’s largest consumer electronics and trade appliances trade show. The release of the A-40% Washing Machine and the EHS Mono R290 heat pump demonstrates Samsung’s efforts to promote an energy efficient and eco-conscious lifestyle.


As more and more consumers are considering the environmental impact of the products they use, they are factoring these considerations into their appliance purchasing decisions. Through the release of the A-40% Washing Machine and the EHS Mono R290, Samsung is helping to meet the needs of environmentally conscious consumers.


“These models are a technological achievement, especially in terms of the smart features and the energy efficiency they offer,” said Junhwa Lee, EVP and Head of the Customer Experience Team of the Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics.



A-40% Washing Machine: For Extra Energy Efficiency

Samsung’s new washing machine range for next year will include models1 with up to 40% less energy consumption than needed to reach the A energy efficiency class limit.2 Their advanced technologies intelligently optimize the washing performance and reduce the energy use while providing 10kg loading capacity and Bespoke design. The A-40% Washing Machine will be available in European markets starting in the first quarter of 2024.


The washer will provide SmartThings connectivity that can reduce energy use through AI Energy Mode3 in SmartThings Energy. It lets users easily check daily, weekly and monthly power consumption and estimates monthly electricity bills. For courses that can operate in AI Energy Mode,4 the washer intelligently reduces the energy usage by up to 70%5 using Ecobubble™ to wash with cool water instead of warm and extra cycle time.

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The A-40% Washing Machine comes with AI Wash, which consists of advanced sensing capabilities of the laundry to enhance washing performance and minimize waste. It effectively controls the amount of water and detergent by detecting the weight, softness of the fabric and the level of soiling. It accomplishes this by intelligently optimizing the amount of water and detergent and continually adjusting the soaking, rinsing and spinning times to achieve the best results quickly and efficiently.


Furthermore, the Super Speed cycle allows users to thoroughly wash their clothes while significantly cutting down on cycle time. This cycle ends in 39 minutes without any compromise to performance. This is accomplished through embedded Speed Spray, which speeds up washing and rinsing by shooting powerful jets of water to quickly reach clothes.



EHS MONO R290: Reliable Heating and Reduced Energy Costs

Samsung’s latest addition to its heat pump offering, the EHS Mono R290 uses R290 as a refrigerant which has a much lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) compared to other refrigerants.6


The EHS Mono R290 is able to consistently provide hot water of up to 75°C7 for domestic heating purposes. This can make it a suitable heating system replacement in older residential spaces that have been previously dependent on gas boilers for their heating needs.


Additionally, the EHS Mono R290 has an enlarged heat exchanger that is capable of transferring more heat at once compared to a conventional outdoor unit. Its heat transfer area is up to 39% larger.8 As a result, it boasts a reliable heating performance, enabling it to deliver a 100% heating performance in temperatures as low as -10°C.9

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Another feature that may reduce energy consumption is AI Energy Mode. By learning a user’s usage patterns, it adjusts Domestic Hot Water (DHW) temperature and provides the user with the same level of heat without using as much energy.10



1 Will be available in the European market in 1Q 2024. Applicable models only.
2 Based on Samsung internal testing, applicable models in the WW8000D series are 40% more efficient than required to achieve the A energy efficiency class limit under Regulation (EU) No 2019/2014.
3 Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required.
4 Can be applied when the selected washing temperature is 20~40°C.
5 Based on internal testing on the WW11BB944AGB model in normal usage conditions.
Results: Power consumption without AI Energy Mode = 0.539 KWh. Power consumption with AI Energy Mode = 0.145 KWh. Results may vary depending on the actual usage conditions.
6 Global Warming Potential by refrigerant: R290 = 3, R32 = 675, R410A = 2088
7 Leaving water temperature from an outdoor unit is 75°C when the outdoor temperature is -10~35°C. Sanitary water leaving a Domestic Hot Water tank is 70°C when the outdoor temperature is -10~43°C. Results may vary depending on the actual usage conditions.
8 Based on Samsung’s measurements on an EHS Mono R290 (AE080CXYDGK/EU) model compared to a conventional outdoor unit (AE080RXYDGG/EU) with the same capacity.
9 Based on a leaving water temperature of 55°C.
10 Only available when using the AE2**CNWM*G/EU. Based on internal testing on the EHS with an integrated hydro unit (AE260RNWMGG/EU) and a conventional outdoor unit (AE140BXYDGG/EU) in normal usage conditions. Results may vary depending on the system configuration and installed models.

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