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The beta version of Samsung Internet 19.0 is now ready to download on the Google Play Store and Samsung Galaxy Store.

Samsung Electronics today released Samsung Internet 19.0 beta,1 which provides new powerful features to help protect users against online threats from trackers and makes the browsing experience more convenient than ever. The beta version is available for download on the Google Play Store and Samsung Galaxy Store.


“Trackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated at avoiding detection and collecting personal information without the awareness or consent of the person being tracked,” says Janghyun Yoon, EVP and Head of S/W Platform at Mobile eXperience Business, Samsung Electronics. “We want users to have the safest, smoothest browsing experience possible. That’s why we have improved Smart anti-tracking, to give users more control over their privacy so they can browse with peace of mind.”



Improved Private Browsing With Smart Anti-Tracking and Enhanced Phishing Detection

Samsung Internet 18.0 brought improvements to the Smart anti-tracking functionality, helping prevent cross-site trackers from using techniques for getting around tracker blocking. This Smart anti-tracking prevented trackers from using advanced redirecting techniques such as Canonical Name (CNAME) cloaking or delayed bounce to collect user data.


Now, this latest iteration of Samsung Internet will take the AI-powered function a step further. Enhanced Smart anti-tracking aims to detect domains that collude with classified trackers and immediately apply protection.


Improved lookalike phishing detection is designed to warn users when they have unwittingly navigated to what they thought was a trusted website but is a fraudulent site using a similar URL — so they don’t reveal personal information to malicious actors.

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Quickly Check Important Privacy Settings With the Tap of a Button

Samsung Internet 19.0 beta helps users easily check their tracking protection with the new Privacy Info feature. By simply tapping the Lock Icon in the address bar, users can verify how secure their connection is to the website, see how many trackers have been blocked, check for and delete cookies and instantly allow or block permissions for location, camera and microphone.2


Privacy info menu in Samsung Internet 19.0 Beta


Users can now also visualize how well their privacy settings are working with a chart showing the number of ads blocked per day for the past week.


The new Ad blockers graph helps users to better see how effective their privacy settings are.



Improvements for Navigating Swiftly and Simply — Even in Secret Mode

Navigating Samsung Internet was made simpler in version 18.0, which introduced text extraction from webpage images and rolled out the Bottom Toolbar for the first time in the Galaxy Z Fold series. Now, Samsung Internet 19.0 beta continues to make navigating the web more intuitive.


The Add-ons menu is a great way for users to personalize and enhance their browsing experience. With Samsung Internet 19.0 beta, these add-ons now work in Secret mode, so users don’t need to choose between privacy and customized experiences. The features can be turned on and off easily from the Add-ons menu, for greater control.



Add-ons can now be activated while users are in Samsung Internet’s Secret mode.
Users can deactivate features later from the Add-ons menu.


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Samsung Internet users can also now enjoy a more connected browsing experience, with the ability to sync users’ bookmarks between PC Chrome browser and Samsung Internet mobile browsers by using Samsung Internet’s Chrome Extension.3 Users can easily access their favorite websites on their PC from bookmarks saved on their smartphones and vice versa.



Following the beta testing period, Samsung Internet 19.0 is planned to launch officially in 4Q 2022. If you are already a Samsung Internet user, you will receive a notification when the new version becomes available.



1 Availability and timing may vary by market and carrier. Users of Samsung Internet Browser will receive notifications for the update on Google Play or Galaxy Store.

2 Availability may vary by websites and functions. On/off buttons will be shown within Privacy Info for location, camera and microphone only for websites where users can either approve or deny each permission. Some websites may only ask selective permissions, such as the location permission, in which case only the on/off button for according permission will be shown.

3 The Samsung Internet PC extension is available for download at the Chrome Web Store.

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