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Samsung Electronics announced Thank-you gifts, a new feature designed to reward users for engaging with the Samsung Global Goals app and helping to advance the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Galaxy users can now enjoy new limited-edition wallpapers and additional gifts by showing support for the Global Goals.



Samsung Global Goals App Helps Raise Awareness and Donations

The Samsung Global Goals app, serviced in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), is available in 89 languages, with nearly 300 million Galaxy users engaging with the app worldwide.1 Through the app, Samsung invites the Galaxy community to learn about the Global Goals and contribute to the Goals of their choosing by donating directly or watching in-app advertisements to generate donations. Only four years after launching, the Galaxy community has raised over USD 17 million to support the Global Goals and promote resiliency around the world.


Despite our collective efforts to help the world achieve the Global Goals by 2030, we stand at a critical moment. The United Nations recently reported that global events have exacerbated systemic challenges and that, in some areas, our progress has either stalled or gone into reverse. Now more than ever, calls to demonstrate commitment to the Global Goals ring louder and Samsung believes that the Galaxy community can help make a difference.



Thank-You Gifts, a New Feature To Encourage the Galaxy Community To Take More Action

Thank-you gifts, following the announcement of the Samsung Global Goals app Donation Leaderboard last year, are the latest in Samsung’s ongoing efforts to encourage the Galaxy community to take action. Through this new feature, Samsung Global Goals app users will be the first to redeem limited-edition wallpapers to showcase on their Samsung Galaxy smartphones and watch faces. Samsung will initially offer three collections of wallpaper and watch face options, highlighting different endangered species and habitats, including black rhinos, sea turtles, sea otters, whale sharks, coral reefs and grasslands among others. These designs will be offered in cool black-and-white and chrome styles.

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▲ Three collections of wallpaper and watch face options will be available on the Samsung Global Goals app, highlighting different endangered species and habitats


Each user who engages with the app will be offered a free wallpaper or watch face to download — giving them a chance to help progress the Global Goals and earn prizes along the way. By donating through the app, users can unlock access to other special wallpaper and watch face designs to celebrate their contributions.2 Users can also look forward to even more Thank-you gift options as new collections continue to roll out throughout the year.


▲ Samsung Global Goals app users can unlock special wallpaper and watch face designs to celebrate their contributions


Samsung believes that technology can open opportunities for people to make a positive impact in their everyday lives. Join us in our pursuit of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development by visiting the Samsung Global Goals app.



1 The Samsung Global Goals app is pre-installed on Galaxy smartphones, tablets and smartwatches.
2 The number of free gifts and donation gifts may be limited, depending on the style and type.

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