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Samsung combines technological innovation with Maison Margiela to create an even more eye-catching Galaxy Z Flip5

Samsung Electronics and Maison Margiela, the Parisian Haute Couture house, today announced their second collaboration to create a special edition of the Galaxy Z Flip5. This collaboration further expands the innovative partnership by embracing the brand identities of both Samsung Galaxy and Maison Margiela to deliver a device for people desiring freshness and unconventionality.


“Samsung and Maison Margiela have continued to surprise the industry by breaking conventions and norms, and support those who seek individuality,” said Stephanie Choi, EVP & Head of Marketing of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics. “This second collaboration between the two brands brings together fashion and technology by approaching a high-tech device in a way similar to the construction of an haute couture garment. Through this collaboration, we want consumers to discover their own identity and express it without limitation.”




Galaxy Z Flip5 Incorporates Artisanal Fashion

Samsung and Maison Margiela are two distinct brands with a shared passion for developing groundbreaking ideas. Samsung has revolutionized the field of foldable smartphones and offered a new mobile experience, another example of its innovation heritage in developing progressive technology. At the same time, Maison Margiela continues to surprise the fashion industry with its deconstructive yet sophisticated design. The two brands’ similar mindset is reflected in this latest collaboration that combines original design with the latest foldable technology.


The Galaxy Z Flip’s unique position as a fashion item makes it an ideal match for this exciting collaboration. In line with the Galaxy brand philosophy of embracing new possibilities and striving for unique experiences, the Galaxy Z Flip series has pioneered a whole new era for smartphones. The Galaxy Z Flip isn’t just a foldable device — it’s a pocketable self-expression tool, offering numerous personalization options to help users express their unique identities. This aligns seamlessly with Maison Margiela’s distinct brand identity of breaking norms, which is the foundation for this combination.

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Mobile Innovation Meets Unique Haute Couture

The Galaxy Z Flip5 Maison Margiela Edition features a rear glass with a design that boldly shows the inner workings of a Maison Margiela jacket enhanced by the silver and metallic effects, a color exclusive to this special edition, using a signature technique of the fashion house. By creating a semi-transparent effect that unveils the hidden structure and details of the garment, the special edition captures the essence that goes beyond mere visual appeal. It’s a reinterpretation of Maison Margiela’s design philosophy, one that values both the external visual aspects and the intrinsic nature of the device.


The Flap Leather Case beautifully captures the artistry of the atelier’s craftsmanship, showcasing natural black leather, woven fabric and genuine fabric logo labels. The finely crafted, handwoven stitching on the cover’s back epitomizes Maison Margiela’s ‘Work-in-Progress’ design identity. Opening the device reveals the pocket pattern, adding a delightful touch, while closing it hides the pattern.


The Flipsuit Case boldly embodies the brand’s pursuit of uniqueness and creativity. It comes with two Flipsuit Cards adorned with a paint splatter design and a silver plate, both of which display the Maison Margiela’s distinctive numbering design. When the card is attached to the back of the Z Flip5, the device adopts an entirely new theme. Every detail of the new theme is displayed on the Flex Window, which originates from Maison Margiela’s delicate Artisanal collection.


Not only the device itself but also the packaging reflects Maison Margiela’s unfinished style by utilizing a distinct stitching pattern in the center of the flap. The whole body of the packaging resembles an archival sample storage that is used in atelier stores to keep various fabric samples and threads. The paper-based woven book cloth fabric covering the package’s exterior seamlessly blends the device with Maison Margiela’s atelier.

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The Galaxy Z Flip5 Maison Margiela edition will be available from November 30 in select markets.

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