Pixel Fold Mass Production Scheduled for Q3

According to the latest report from South Korea, home to Samsung Display who is reported to be producing the display used on the Pixel Fold, Google will finally begin mass production of its foldable device in Q3 of this year. This news has been a long time coming, but it somewhat conflicts with another report that recently claimed we could the device launch around the Google I/O timeframe (Q2). We will say, Google hasn’t made any official announcement, so until that happens, nothing is real.

This phone has been in the works at Google for years now, though, that doesn’t mean Google can’t scrap it at any time. I bring this up because the foldable market in the US is completely dominated by Samsung, and with reports claiming that the Pixel Fold can’t even support a stylus device, I’m not picking up on how Google can convince a consumer to buy this device over a Galaxy Z foldable that has become exceptionally refined over the course of now 5 years.

Besides being a flagship for what Android software can do with a foldable display, I don’t really see the point. Sorry if I sound like a downer, I’m just trying to understand why Google wants to get into the foldable fight when they only just got what feels like a decent holding in the regular smartphone game.

We have an idea of what the Pixel Fold looks like. It’s not a bad looking phone. It looks like a Pixel 7 Pro that had another display strapped to it. Nothing too wild or adventurous and that’s fine. As we get deeper into 2023, I’m sure we’ll learn quite a bit more about this device and Google’s possible plans for it.

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Who here is hyped for the Pixel Fold still? If so, fill us in on why.

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