Philips Hue Sync App Arrives for Samsung TVs

The game has just been changed for select Samsung TV owners, and as a Sony TV owner, I’m feeling really left out in the cold right now. Announced at CES this week, there’s a new Philips Hue Sync TV app coming to select Samsung TV models, designed to eliminate the need for Philips‘ expensive Hue Sync Box and allow for seamless usage of Hue light strips and bulbs to create that extremely immersive and sexy lighting experience in your living room.

The app is available starting now inside of Samsung’s TV app store, priced at a whopping $129. While that’s an expensive app, when you consider a new Sync Box costs $249, that’s not a bad discount. Plus, for anyone who has experienced the magic of Hue Sync, you’ll know it’s worth every penny after watching your favorite show or movie.

As for TV model specifics, the Philips Hue Sync TV app is available on 2022 and newer Samsung QLED TVs in the Q60 or higher range (support for Q700 coming soon). With that said, it’s my assumption that there won’t be a huge number of people flocking to download the app, simply because the app is relatively limited in terms of supported models. However, this sort of support can easily factor in when someone is looking to purchase a new TV. I know I certainly will think about it whenever my Sony decides to kick the bucket.

To recap, if you have a supported model TV, Hue Bridge, some lights, and $129, you’re in for one helluva show. Congratulations, lucky punks. You can learn more here.

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