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The launch of the first Galaxy Fold marked a turning point in smartphone history. Samsung Electronics had opened up a new mobile category, engineered for a new era. Continuing its history of mobile innovation, the release of the Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4 marks the next step in creating flexible phones for the modern era.


With the latest launch of the Galaxy Z series, Samsung has built on the success of its previous iterations and added more features, accessories and experiences to push the boundaries of designs that flip and fold even further.


Since its release, each phone has developed a unique design identity: Z Flip4 is the ultimate self-expression tool inside and out, and Z Fold4 is a multitasking powerhouse with ultimate performance.


But whatever phone you have in your hand, you can get ready to experience foldables fully redefined.



Let the Future Unfold in Your Hands


The Galaxy Z identity is known for phones that transform their shape as well as transform their users’ everyday lives. The updated Z Fold4 features an even wider screen, slimmer hinge and lighter weight — providing the most comfortable one-handed use to date. Meanwhile, Z Flip4 is just as premium and compact — taking up half the size of a conventional smartphone when folded. With the slimmer hinge, refined edges, contrasting haze back glass and glossy metal frames, the new design is the most refined yet.



Your Phone, Your Way


Now more than ever, users want a device they can make truly their own. With this in mind, Z Flip4 features an expanded range of color options and accessories with which users can express their own unique personalities and preferences. Users can complement their style with a premium design in legacy colors, including Bora Purple and Graphite, and even bold new colors like Pink Gold and Blue.


The fun doesn’t stop with just the Z Flip4 — Z Fold4 users can choose from refined and premium colors such as Graygreen, Beige and Phantom Black, and then accessorize with a color-matching S Pen Fold Edition.

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Design, Centered On You


Building upon the elevated design principles the Bespoke line is known for, the Galaxy Z Flip4 series has also released an expanded Galaxy Bespoke Edition,1 an exclusive device customization experience for users to create devices that are uniquely theirs. Now, consumers in 28 countries can choose from 75 combinations of glass and frame colors to customize their devices.



Accessorize in Style


Of course, a phone isn’t complete without the perfect accessories. From classic slim clear covers and premium flap leather covers, to ring and strap silicone cases — or even a design from Marvel, Disney and Star Wars — users can choose a case to stand out from the crowd. Available in an array of colorful graphic designs, Samsung offers accessories that precisely frame your phone’s iconic shape.



Customization From Cover to Cover


Inside and out, the Galaxy Z Flip4 offers next-level customization options for users to express themselves. The Cover Screen features new clock designs and backgrounds, including images, GIFs and even videos. Users can choose a Galaxy theme that fully updates both the main and Cover Screen with custom fonts, icons and designs to perfectly complement your style.



Take a Perfect Selfie, Instantly


Get a perfect selfie every time with enhanced Quick Shot. This quick and easy camera mode for the Galaxy Z Flip4 Cover Screen now supports a preview that reflects the actual ratio of the photo, as well as Portrait Mode — offering more choice in how you capture on the go or from the comfort of your home.



Capture Moments at Every Angle


Designed with the young creator in mind, Z Flip4 wants its users to have limitless opportunities to express themselves from every angle. With FlexCam, users can capture photos and videos from different points of view, with bolder angles than ever before. Shoot hands-free video or capture full group selfies at various angles by partially folding Z Flip4 to activate FlexCam.


The upgraded Z Flip4 camera comes equipped with a 65% brighter sensor, resulting in better photos and videos in low light, so users can take great content, day or night.

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Stylish and Durable

Both Z Flip4 and Z Fold4 come equipped with our Armor Aluminum frames and hinge cover along with exclusive Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus®+, making the devices designed to be the toughest foldables ever. What’s more, both Z Flip4 and Z Fold4 make a splash being the only water-resistant foldable phones on the market.



Function up Front




For users who need essential tasks done in a flash, Z Flip4 comes with expanded Cover Screen functionality. Make calls, reply to texts with emoji and Speech to Text, or even turn off your lights at home without opening your device. With more shortcuts than ever, including a flashlight, airplane mode, WiFi and Bluetooth enablement, and even a new SmartThings Scene widget, users can do it all without ever unfolding their phone.



Picture Perfect, Every Time


Getting that perfect shot is easy with Z Fold4, which takes stunning photos and videos with an upgraded 50MP wide lens and 30x Space Zoom lens. The phone’s unique form factor gives it a special advantage when taking photos, especially regarding its variety of camera modes, including the larger Zoom map activated on Capture View Mode, Dual Preview and Rear Cam Selfie. With the larger pixel size, a 23% brighter sensor, and enhanced processing power, users can capture clear images, day or night.



Ultimate Productivity From Anywhere




The Galaxy Z Fold4 is designed to help you get more done at once. With the new Taskbar, you can easily access and switch between your most used apps, providing a familiar layout like your PC. With simple swipe gestures, users can instantly switch full-screen apps to pop-up windows or split their screen in half for more ways to multitask. You can even check your email on your phone with the two-pane UI exclusively designed for foldables, giving you more information at once.

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Uncover Next-level Convenience


Just like Z Flip4, Z Fold4 offers a convenient way to interact with your device without ever needing to unfold your phone. With the optimized Cover Screen, you can enjoy a standard smartphone experience on the outside and a tablet-like experience on the inside — all without compromising on size, weight or pocketability. What’s more, you can comfortably and easily use the Galaxy Z Fold4’s Cover Screen with only one hand, thanks to its wider size, new screen ratio, narrower bezels and lighter weight. Now, a better way to use your foldable phone is at your fingertips.



Stay in the Game

Gamers and movie-watchers can rejoice as the Z Fold4 provides an even brighter 7.6-inch Main Screen that makes any kind of entertainment immersive. You can stay focused on your favorite content thanks to the screen’s 120Hz adaptive refresh rate and less visible Under Display Camera (UDC). With better hardware and response times creating a smoother gaming experience overall, there’s a good reason why the Galaxy Z Fold4 is known as the ‘Best Gaming Device in the Galaxy.’


While continuing the Galaxy smartphone legacy of innovation, the Galaxy Z series has been built to offer users iconic design, cutting-edge experiences and convenient features that users know and love. The Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4 are the latest examples of how Samsung is expanding smartphone possibilities and creating versatile devices for the modern era. Whether improving your productivity or giving you tools to express your personality to the fullest, the designers at Samsung are working hard to ensure that mobile innovation is always centered on you.



1 Customers can choose frame options of Black, Silver or Gold and front and back colors of Yellow, White, Navy, Khaki or Red. Color availability may vary depending on country, region or carrier. Bespoke Edition only available on Please allow 3 to 4 weeks (estimate) for delivery.

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