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Picture a world without language barriers and the ability to recreate scenes from the imagination with just a few touches. This vision may sound far-fetched, but AI is already making this a reality.


To break down the barrier between complicated technology and daily life, designers at Samsung Electronics reviewed and redefined user touchpoints to create an accessible user experience (UX) for the Galaxy S24 series.


The result — Intelligence UX, an interface that empowers users with AI-based mobile features that are intuitive, easy to use and highly applicable to work and life alike.




Bringing Mobile AI Into Daily Living

▲ (From left) Samsung Intelligence UX designers Scott Jeonggun Choi and Heri Na



Can you tell us about how Intelligence UX came to be?


Choi: Even before entering the phase of generative AI,1 research on how to create new mobile experiences with AI technology was already underway. We analyzed the apps we frequently use and carefully developed functions and features that could be enhanced through AI. The goal for Intelligence UX was to lower the barrier to entry for mobile AI by improving commonly used apps.


One example is the Gallery app. Previously, functions for modifying images included brightness and color correction, horizontal adjustment, and crop. With Generative edit, users can do all of this and more, such as moving objects within an image and altering backgrounds.



What are Intelligence UX’s features?


Na: Intelligence UX makes it easier to reach your goals by streamlining tasks in four main areas. Productivity is improved through apps that can summarize content or convert it into the preferred format, helping you save time and get the most out of each day. For creative tasks, features like Generative edit give you the tools to retouch photos like a pro by moving around objects in a photo or filling in empty spaces. Communication features break down language barriers when calling or messaging for improved communication. Lastly, you can personalize your phone with wallpapers created using generative AI or have your lock screen reflect changes in the weather or time.

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What was the process of creating Intelligence UX?


Na: It would be ideal if the output appeared immediately after pressing a button, but AI generation can take time. To make the process feel magical, we added visual and interactive effects as well as text. Designers from all fields — including user interface (UI), graphic user interface (GUI) and visual interaction (VI) — and UX writers collaborated to overcome any limitations encountered during the creation of Intelligence UX.



How have you responded to issues with hallucinations2 in generative AI?


Na: We have been collaborating with the developer team for a while now to prevent hallucinations. Tests to determine the minimum number of characters needed for an accurate summary or how many degrees a photo can be tilted to produce enhanced images helped us establish standards to minimize false results and bad user experiences.



What are your thoughts on the concerns over privacy and security since processing is based on information entered by the user?


Choi: Early on, both the developer and UX teams agreed that personal conversations contain highly sensitive user information. Therefore, apps that support phone calls or messages were made to handle on-device3 processing. Data protection is non-negotiable — and since the main purpose of communication is to facilitate conversation, we decided to stick with on-device processing even if it means users need to download language packages first.


If there is data that needs to be processed through a server, we notify users that nothing will be stored or used for learning purposes to improve AI functions before securing their consent. Additionally, we added a setting to block data processing through a server, so users know their data won’t leave their devices.

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▲ The Galaxy S24 series processes data for advanced intelligence features solely on the device for increased security.



How have users responded to the Galaxy S24 series since its launch?


Na: Many people have said the Galaxy S24 series is helpful when traveling abroad or ordering products from overseas which used to be difficult due to language barriers. The team feels rewarded when we hear positive feedback from acquaintances.


Life Is Easier and More Efficient With Intelligence UX


Communication Without Borders

Say goodbye to language barriers with the Galaxy S24 series. When Live Translate is used on a call, the conversation is translated in real time for seamless communication in different languages. The Interpreter button in the Quick panel can be used to aid real-time translation during face-to-face conversations. Meanwhile, the AI built into the Samsung Keyboard allows for real-time translation of text messages as well as spelling corrections, grammar assistance and writing style changes.


Creativity, Simplified

Generative edit can help create the perfect shot. With this feature, people or objects can be moved, the horizon can be adjusted and any empty spaces left behind will be filled in automatically.


▲ (From left) Generative edit allows users to move the subject within a photo and adjust the horizon. With the press of a button, users can summarize long texts into bullet points.


Enhance Your Everyday

The Galaxy S24 series helps save time and effort. Transcript Assist converts audio from classes or meetings into text, differentiates between speakers, provides summaries, and even offers translations. Websites can also be summarized and translated.

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Samsung Notes is great for jotting down ideas. Users can convert their handwritten notes into text and organize them into useful formats. Once a note is saved, the feature recommends apt titles and cover designs based on the content, making note creation simple and fun.


* Supported languages and features may vary by country, region and model.


Samsung’s designers strived to develop a product that captures today’s innovative technology for a better tomorrow. The Galaxy S24 series is the fruition of their efforts and the launchpad for a brighter, more accessible future.


For more information about Samsung Electronics’ design, please visit the Design Samsung website.



* Content images simulated for illustrative purposes. Sequences shortened and simulated. Actual UI may be different. Release-product specifications may vary by country, region, model, and carrier.



1 AI technology that can produce new content (text, images, videos, audio, code and other media) based on data.
2 An error that occurs when AI processes information and generates inaccurate or false results.
3 A method of collecting and calculating information through the device. Since the data is not sent to the cloud, processing may be faster.

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