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Each year, countless marine organisms die from getting entangled in discarded fishing nets. On top of that, the world has been grappling with another cruel reality in the form of a water shortage that’s growing more serious by the day due to global warming. But what if there were a way to harness innovation to help restore marine ecosystems and save water?


Samsung Electronics has rolled up its sleeves to tackle the marine pollution issue that is threatening the safety of humankind and the environment. The company’s eco-conscious efforts include recycling discarded ocean-bound plastic (OBP) located within 50km of the coast and using recycled materials to produce high-resolution monitors and Galaxy devices.


In addition, the eco-conscious water treatment technology that’s currently being used at the manufacturing sites of Samsung’s Device Solutions (DS) Division significantly reduces water usage, reusing an amount of water equivalent to the total usage of two million people over half a year. Efforts like these underline Samsung’s commitment to conserving water.


Check out the infographic below to learn more about how Samsung is reducing marine pollution by transforming OBP into parts for monitors and mobile devices including smartphones, and by purifying wastewater at its semiconductor plants.


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