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“Ladies and gentlemen, Smart Switch welcomes you to Galaxy! We are approaching at a speed of 1GB transfer in less than 2 minutes. For all transfers via cable and cloud, data encryption is active at all times.”


In a flight attendant-like announcement, Galaxy’s new video spotlighting the ease of switching over to a new Galaxy smartphone from another operating system announces that apps and data from your former smartphone have moved fast and comfortably made it to their new device. The icons are impressed with their new home, taking a leisurely look around while checking out their new appearance.




Shot from the perspective of smartphone icons, this amusing video was released on Samsung Electronics’ YouTube channel in April as part of the “Samsung Galaxy: All About Switching” campaign. It shows off leading Galaxy features for consumers who may be hesitant to make the switch. In more than two weeks since its release, the clip went viral  reaching 21.2 million views and receiving more than 72,000 likes and 5,400 comments.



Can I Safely Switch to Galaxy? Answering the Real Concerns of Consumers

Research shows that concerns about the device switching process are a phenomenon shared by many. From questions about the complexity of the switching process to platform compatibility with existing peripherals, to worries over whether photos and other data can be safely transferred without loss, switching fears are common.


In “All About Switching,” the icons mirror consumers’ initial concerns, becoming lost in confusion upon hearing that they’ll be moving to a new home. Comical conversations ensue between the personified icons to help ease consumers’ potential worries.

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▲ Data transferred to Galaxy through the Smart Switch app (left) and a consumer looking at their transferred data (right).


Here to reassure both concerned icons and consumers alike is the Galaxy Smart Switch app. The switch to Galaxy is over in a flash, complemented by the lively and dynamic icons. Even without facial features, their expressions and detailed animation effects help bring each icon to life. In fact, 3D animation was used to enhance the subtle expressions of the Samsung Knox icon to mimic the subtle movements of a mouth and eyebrows.


▲ A credit screen at the end of the video shows the video’s voice actors during recording.


To help create this entertaining video, Samsung enlisted the help of some notable voice actors who have appeared in Hollywood blockbusters such as Star Wars and Jurassic Park and an animation voice acting specialist whose credits include the U.S. versions of Naruto and Bleach. In addition, detailed animation effects help bring each icon to life. Towards the end of the video, viewers see behind-the-scenes clips of the voice actors in action.



From Smart Switch to One UI: Spotlighting the Unique Galaxy Experience

Through the “All About Switching” video, Samsung is not only showing how easy it is to make the switch to Galaxy but also introducing the unique features and benefits of Galaxy. The video is divided into several chapters including Smart Switch, SmartThings service, Samsung Knox security, Quick Share and One UI. The icon of each feature pops up during the corresponding chapter to introduce what it does while addressing any situations consumers may encounter.

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▲ (From left) The icons of the features, including SmartThings, Samsung Knox and Quick Share, introduce what the features do in a compelling manner.


For instance, the SmartThings icon declares that “Nothing’s more important than connections!” and goes on to mention that Galaxy can connect to various wireless headphones, TVs, lights and other IoT platforms. The Samsung Knox icon comes in right after to explain that data will remain safe and protected for commonly used apps and those that require further security such as financial apps. To learn more about each feature, viewers can simply select the chapter they’re interested in.


▲ Some of the comments left by viewers on the “All About Switching” video uploaded to Samsung Electronics’ YouTube channel.


Galaxy fans worldwide have reacted to “All About Switching,” posting comments on the Samsung Electronics’ YouTube video that are just as funny as the video itself. As some viewers said: “I will never look at my icons the same after seeing this,” “We need season 2,” and more. A viewer who identified themselves as a different smartphone user left a long comment that echoed the reactions of many others: “This was so tasteful and informative and can def [sic] help others see how easy it can be to switch over [to Galaxy].”


“The ‘All About Switching’ video was designed to introduce the advantages Samsung Galaxy can offer to consumers who are hesitant about making the switch to Galaxy in an entertaining and relatable way,” said Sonia Chang, Vice President of Marketing Team of MX Business at Samsung Electronics, who led the video creation. “We hope that Galaxy’s unique advantages and the convenience of Smart Switch resonate with consumers through the video’s dynamic storytelling.”

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Following the positive reaction to the video’s launch, Samsung is planning to develop similar content to introduce the unique features and functionalities of Galaxy in innovative and engaging ways.

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