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Innovation is always in vogue. For the past two decades, Samsung Electronics has partnered with various fashion houses to combine high-tech innovation with haute couture. The Galaxy Z series Thom Browne Edition is one of these standout collaborations.


Debuting in 2020, the Thom Browne Edition brought the eponymous New York fashion brand’s timeless style to a groundbreaking foldable smartphone experience, beginning with the Galaxy Z Flip. This release gave Samsung’s revolutionary form factor a premium makeover from product to packaging. Following the success of its first collaboration, Samsung released multiple Thom Browne collections of both foldables and wearables, offering a bold take in each iteration.


In honor of this ongoing partnership, Samsung Newsroom sat down to detail the legacy of the Galaxy Z series Thom Browne Edition.




The first Thom Browne Edition truly made a style statement, down to the smallest detail. Samsung worked to capture Thom Browne’s unique design identity in the Galaxy Z Fold2 by adding the signature Thom Browne stripe on the device’s back glass using an innovative technique that made the logo appear to have a fabric texture. The contrast between the center stripe and the gray background added a subtle yet luxurious touch.


This iconic branding extended to the 7.6-inch unfolded screen as well. With a thematic design and customized icons, the Galaxy Z Fold2 Thom Browne Edition enabled users to curate a style that was all their own through various lock screen backgrounds featuring Thom Browne art sketches that could be changed each day of the week. From the inside out, the Thom Browne experience on the Galaxy Z Fold2 was both chic and consistent.

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▲ The Galaxy Z Fold2 Thom Browne Edition package includes the Galaxy Z Fold2, Galaxy Watch3 (41mm model) and Galaxy Buds Live as well as a special phone case and watch strap accessories.


Because servers crashed during the initial launch of the Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition, Samsung restructured its sales strategy for the Galaxy Z Fold2 Thom Browne Edition to meet overwhelming demand. While previous Thom Browne collections were available on a first come, first serve basis, interested individuals were now required to apply to participate in a raffle. The drawing for the Galaxy Z Fold2 Thom Browne Edition attracted more than 230,000 participants, and 5,000 winners were selected. Notably, fans who missed out on the exclusive edition took matters into their own hands by creating their own DIY interpretations of the limited-edition device, sparking a new phone decoration trend.




In its second evolution, the Galaxy Z Fold3 Thom Browne Edition made a striking return with a modern design reminiscent of a classic white suit. Thom Browne’s signature colors bordered the new matte white finish, pairing perfectly with the streamlined glass body and the shiny silver hinge added to the design, enhancing reflections from light. Thanks to its impeccable colors and finish, the device exuded elegance and effortlessly transformed into an everyday luxury style statement.


When users of the Galaxy Z Fold3 Thom Browne Edition turned on their phones, they encountered a user experience (UX) that brought the brand’s unique identity to life. Unfolding the device revealed a theme with Thom Browne’s signature stripe, while the home and lock screens were decorated with the designer’s handwriting and original sketches. As the first foldable with support for the S Pen, the Galaxy Z Fold3 included an S Pen Pro in the same iconic Thom Browne style.

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▲ The Galaxy Z Fold3 Thom Browne Edition package includes the Galaxy Z Fold3 and S Pen Pro, Galaxy Watch4 (40mm model) and Galaxy Buds2 as well as a special phone case and watch strap accessories.


Like the previous model, the Galaxy Z Fold3 Thom Browne Edition was sold through an online raffle system. Approximately 460,000 participants swarmed the website in the span of nine hours, showcasing the remarkable popularity of the series. The combination of the refined design and exclusivity of a limited edition contributed to the device’s mainstream appeal and prompted numerous users to add the Galaxy Z Fold3 Thom Browne Edition to their coveted wish list.




The Galaxy Z Fold5 Thom Browne Edition is stepping onto the runway in 2023 with a sleek, commanding design reminiscent of a black suit. The refined back glass stands out with Thom Browne’s signature colors red, white and blue and the hinge and camera ring sport a gold hue. Using black frames to bring everything together, this iteration blends different materials and colors for a touch of whimsy.


▲ The Galaxy Z Fold5 Thom Browne Edition package includes the Galaxy Z Fold5 and S Pen, Galaxy Watch6 (40mm model) as well as special phone cases and S Pen pouch and watch strap accessories.


In addition, the Galaxy Z Fold5 Thom Browne Edition case is dressed to the nines, featuring a brogue stitch design and black pebble grain leather the same material used exclusively by Thom Browne. Inspired by a briefcase that complements a formal suit, the product packaging allows users to reminisce about their first encounter with the special edition design. Every detail in the latest Galaxy Z Fold5 Thom Browne Edition has been expertly crafted and continues to bolster the legacy of the Galaxy Z series.

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Each Thom Browne Edition is extraordinarily crafted with precision to tell a distinctive story. In line with this vision, Thom Browne will continue exploring new paths with Samsung to share its brand message with people around the world. Since launching the first Galaxy Z series Thom Browne Edition, both companies have made history by fusing timeless style and futuristic mobile technology.


Stay tuned to Samsung Newsroom for more updates on how to unfold the luxury of Thom Browne mobile collaborations and experience this legacy.


Take a look at the video below for a hands-on unboxing of the Galaxy Z Fold5 Thom Browne Edition.


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