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Throughout the years, Samsung Electronics has continually led innovation within the mobile industry — and this year was no exception. Following the release of the highly coveted Galaxy Z Flip5 and Z Fold5 foldables, Galaxy S23 series smartphones and Galaxy Watch6 series, Samsung has engaged in a variety of global marketing initiatives aimed at bringing users closer together. Samsung Newsroom has handpicked a selection of these creative campaigns that have truly captivated the imagination and resonated with consumers around the world.



The Intricacies of Nature Captured Using Galaxy’s Powerful Camera

[Argentina] Showcasing Nature Through a Galaxy Mini Documentary

▲ The mini documentary “Epic Nature” was filmed using the Galaxy S23 Ultra.


Samsung teamed up with National Geographic to release “Epic Nature,” a captivating mini documentary shot using the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The film captured the stunning and diverse wildlife inhabiting Cuenca Los Ojos, a biological reserve in Sonora, Mexico. Utilizing the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s incredible high-definition 200MP camera, the documentary recorded the smallest details of the wildlife reserve, rendering breathtakingly vivid imagery. Additionally, Nightography mode allowed filmmakers to shoot seldom-seen nocturnal animals — such as jaguars, black bears and ocelots in low-light environments — giving audiences a rare glimpse into the lives of creatures that are active at night.



[Europe] Monitoring and Protecting Wildlife With Galaxy

▲ Capturing wildlife with the Galaxy S23 Ultra


In Europe, Samsung has joined forces with Africam and the Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit to create the “Wildlife Watch” program in 2021. This initiative harnesses the cutting-edge technology of the Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy S23 Ultra to monitor wildlife and combat poaching at the Balule Nature Reserve in South Africa. Viewers can alert rangers of danger and aid in conservation efforts through 24-hour live streams of wildlife in the savannah. Thanks to their advanced recording features and Nightography mode, the Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy S23 Ultra are protecting animals and keeping them out of the hands of poachers.

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Prioritizing Health and Wellbeing With Galaxy

[Netherlands] A Night of Restful Sleep With Galaxy Watch6

▲ Images from the Sleep Rave event in the Netherlands


Samsung Benelux organized the first-ever Sleep Rave event at the Hotel Arena in Amsterdam, Netherlands. During the Sleep Rave, participants wore the Galaxy Watch6 and listened to an eight-hour DJ set specially designed for sleep — by Mr. Belt & Wezol, Dutch DJ duo, and Dr. Els van der Helm, a sleep expert and neuroscientist. Samsung analyzed participants’ sleep patterns — including sleep stages and regularity — using the sleep coaching feature on the Galaxy Watch6 to gain new insights on how music impacts sleep quality. The gained insights were used by the DJ Duo and Dr. Els van der Helm to create the ultimate sleep track, which is now available on Spotify. For a full recap of the whole event, check out the aftermovie.



[Chile] Sports Fans Gear Up for a Day of Wellness

▲ The first-ever Watch6 Wellness Festival held in Santiago, Chile


At the Prince of Wales Country Club, Samsung brought sports enthusiasts and fitness lovers together for the Watch6 Wellness Festival in Santiago, Chile. Attendees participated in a variety of instructor-led exercise sessions with activities such as yoga, spinning and CrossFit. Exercise data from each session was recorded on the attendees’ Galaxy Watch6 — giving them in-depth insights into their physical health including heart rate, body composition, blood oxygen levels, exercise length and more.



Showcasing the Capabilities of Galaxy Nightography

[Germany] Capturing the Beauty of the Night With Nightography

▲ Anajat Raissi’s photo won first place in the photo contest held by Samsung and FOTOTEST magazine.


▲ (From left) Photos by Pratul Jonnagadla Narasimha Murthy and Sylvia Chahed took home second and third place, respectively.


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To give German creatives a new way to capture their city, Samsung organized a smartphone photo contest earlier this year in collaboration with German photography magazine FOTOTEST. After receiving submissions from nearly 800 individuals, five finalists were selected to participate in the final round — the ultimate nightography competition using the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The finalists’ photos each captured distinct scenes at night in extraordinary detail and clarity, highlighting the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s impressive Night Mode functionality.



Creative Collaborations for New Artistic Accessories

[Brazil] Collaboration With Graphic Designer Unveils Galaxy Digital Art

▲ Galaxy Z Flip5 digital art by graphic designer Jean Rosa


Samsung partnered with graphic designer Jean Rosa — an artist who reimagines landmarks in São Paulo, Brazil, through photography and illustration — to create a joint piece of digital art. The collaboration spotlighted the Galaxy Z Flip5’s unique foldable form factor and showcased the user-friendly functionality of the Galaxy Tab S9’s S Pen to demonstrate how both devices’ advanced capabilities are perfect tools for creatives. The full collection of Jean Rosa’s digital art can be viewed on Samsung Brazil’s official Instagram account.



[Middle East] A Limited Edition Galaxy Collection

▲ TM Roh, President and Head of Samsung Electronics’ MX Business, at the Galaxy Z Flip5 Gift Pack launch event


▲ The Galaxy Watch6 Classic Astro Edition resembles the astrolabe, used by ancient explorers and astronomers.


Samsung unveiled two exclusive Galaxy products tailored for the Middle East market — the Galaxy Watch6 Classic Astro Edition, celebrating the region’s legacy with modern technological innovation, and the Galaxy Z Flip5 Gift Pack, created in collaboration with Lebanese artist Nouri Fleihan. The Galaxy Watch6 Classic Astro Edition pays homage to the astrolabe, an instrument used by ancient explorers and astronomers, whereas the Galaxy Z Flip5 Gift Pack is a modern interpretation of the United Arab Emirates culture and includes a phone case, “abaya” (traditional dress), eco-bag and more.

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[Colombia] The Galaxy Z Flip5 on the Runway

▲ Designer Diego Guarnizo takes a selfie with the Galaxy Z Flip5 at the sustainable fashion show in Colombia.


▲ Models donning designer Diego Guarnizo’s collection with the Galaxy Z Flip5


In support of eco-conscious movements within the fashion industry, the Galaxy Z Flip5 was donned by models on the runway during Colombia Fashion Week. The event showcased the Galaxy Z Flip5’s commitment to sustainability in perfect harmony with the sustainable fashion philosophy of local designer Diego Guarnizo. To emphasize this message, models wearing Guarnizo’s designs performed in an upbeat flash mob with the Galaxy Z Flip5 before engaging with visitors directly at the Galaxy Z Flip5 booth. Samsung’s collaboration with Guarnizo at Colombia Fashion Week highlighted the importance of environmental sustainability, underscoring Samsung’s use of recycled materials like discarded fishing nets and plastic bottles in its device components.



[Indonesia] ‘Samsung x You’ Campaign Celebrates Individuality

▲ Posters from the “Samsung x You” Campaign


Samsung rolled out the “Samsung x You” campaign across Southeast Asia and Oceania (SEAO), offering an unparalleled opportunity to experience limitless device customization possibilities. Displaying the extensive collection of accessories available for the Galaxy Z Flip5, the initiative encouraged users to express their individuality through their devices. In addition, Samsung collaborated with renowned local artists and brands to bring region-exclusive accessories that incorporate cultural designs and elements — providing users with unique colors, themes and designs to choose from. Created with younger generations in mind, the “Samsung x You” campaign will gradually expand to all SEAO markets including Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

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