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CES® 2024 Innovation Awards have recognized Samsung for products showcasing class-leading technologies


Samsung Electronics, a global leader in technology, today announced that its latest technologies have received multiple CES® 2024 Innovation Award honors across a variety of product categories.


These awards mean that Samsung has now been further recognized by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® for its commitment to developing products and services that reimagine the future. They also serve as a sign of the positive things to come, with the company being eager to build on its vision for a smarter, more sustainable world and unveil even more epic innovations in the coming year.


Samsung received accolades across its various product categories, including Mobile, TV, Audio, Projectors, Monitors and Home Appliances. This recognition exemplifies how — from groundbreaking developments in foldable smartphones, to the ways it helps people live more sustainable lives — Samsung is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and providing more connected, customized and convenient experiences for its customers.


CES® 2024, the world’s largest and most influential technology event, will take place Jan. 9-12 in Las Vegas, Nevada.



Highlighted Innovation Awards Honorees:


Galaxy Z Fold5 for both Digital Imaging/Photography and Mobile Devices, Accessories & Apps – Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 boasts an unrivaled foldable experience with pro-grade camera capabilities and more powerful and intelligent performance — packed into our thinnest Galaxy Fold design ever, thanks to our redesigned Flex Hinge.


Folded or unfolded, Galaxy Z Fold5 shines as the essential companion to work and play. Simply switch between your presentation, notes and calendar with our streamlined Multi Window experience. Or set up at your desk for a PC-like experience with Taskbar. You can also capture hands-free photos from creative angles with FlexCam.

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Galaxy Watch6 series for Fitness & Sports – The new Galaxy Watch6 and Galaxy Watch6 Classic provide personalized health guidance, a purposeful design and an enhanced mobile experience for a more informed and healthier self — all with easier access right from the wrist.


Delivering on a commitment to democratize advanced health monitoring and fitness tools, Galaxy Watch6 series is packed with holistic health offerings and powerful performance, from sleep and fitness coaching to nutritional insights. It’s part of Samsung’s philosophy to provide new and convenient ways to help users gain a better understanding of their health and fitness — and take action.


Galaxy Buds FE for Headphones & Personal Audio – Samsung Galaxy FE devices incorporate user feedback into their design and performance to provide great features at a great value. Galaxy Buds FE continue that tradition with many of the latest Galaxy innovations for less.


The listening experience with Galaxy Buds FE features excellent sound with powerful bass, as well as advanced Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) and clearer calls. With the ergonomic design and different sizes of ear tips and wingtips, Galaxy Buds FE fit comfortably and securely, while pairing seamlessly with other Samsung devices including smartphone, tablet, PC and even TV for everyday use at a great price.


Samsung Health for Mobile Devices, Accessories & Apps – Samsung is devoted to providing users with innovative new tools that enhance their lives. With Samsung Health, users can take advantage of groundbreaking new health features on the Galaxy Watch series offering wellness insights like never before.

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Samsung Health delivers a more personalized, intuitive health experience, for a healthier self. That includes a real-time analysis of your running, always-on safety features, and tailored sleep coaching. Regardless of your wellness goals, Samsung Health is designed to help you meet them with detailed and actionable insights.


Samsung Food – The recently launched Samsung Food utilizes advanced AI technology to optimize the benefits users get from Samsung apps, smart home appliances and devices — and was accordingly honored in the AI category. The app is powered by Samsung’s cutting-edge Food AI and works in conjunction with Samsung SmartThings Cooking and Samsung Family Hub+ refrigerators. Highlight features include personalized recipe recommendations based on the user’s dietary goals and activity levels and access to various cooking communities where users can share recipes and tips.


SmartThings Energy – Recognized in the Smart Home category, SmartThings Energy lets users take more control of their carbon footprints and lower their monthly energy bills. It offers AI Energy Mode, which monitors the energy usage of connected appliances and automatically optimizes their operation to reduce consumption, and the new Carbon Intensity Awareness feature, which provides insight into local energy production and carbon intensity. It can also automatically adjust devices enrolled in Demand Response programs, helping users to earn cash rewards and savings during high energy consumption periods.


Less Microfiber™ Filter – Earning recognition in the Sustainability category, the Less Microfiber™ Filter is an external washing machine filter that can reduce the release of microfibers during laundry cycles. Running a washing machine four times per week with the filter can reduce the amount of microfibers equivalent to eight 500ml plastic bottles per year.1 With built-in Wi-Fi, users can check the filter’s status on the SmartThings app and even receive alerts for cleaning or replacement.

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Exynos Connect U100 – Recognized in the Embedded Technologies category, Samsung’s Exynos Connect U100 is an ultra-wideband (UWB) solution that provides highly accurate distance and location information for mobile, automotive and IoT devices.


Utilizing both time of arrival (ToA) and 3D angle of arrival (AoA) measurements, the Exynos Connect U100 achieves single-digit centimeter accuracy and under five degree precision. This makes it particularly suitable for tracking locations in challenging indoor environments as well as for AR and VR applications that require precise real-time tracking of moving people.



1 Tested at Ocean Wise Plastics Lab on the WW90T734DWH model (using Synthetic cycle, approximately 2kg load of synthetic textile laundry) comparing the amount of microfiber released with and without the Less Microfiber™ Filter installed. The amount is calculated by filtering drain water through a 50um filter. One wash cycle’s reduction amount of 0.627g is based on a 5kg load (0.125g/kg x 5kg). Annual reduction amount (132g) is calculated based on 210 cycles (4 times a week, 52 weeks) and 5kg load on each cycle. 500㎖ bottle weight (15.4g) is based on the Korea Ministry of Environment’s guideline on plastic bottle.

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