Pixel 7 Pro’s Macro Setting Promoted to ‘Mode’

At launch, owners of the Pixel 7 Pro could place their phone close to a subject and automatically enable a Macro Mode of sorts, allowing you to take super close up shots. The thing is, it’s not really a macro mode, simply because you can’t manually enter it with the click of a button. Thanks to an updated Google Camera app on the device, that has kinda changed.

Inside of Camera app version 8.7.250, the Macro setting has been moved into the dropdown menu when looking at your viewfinder. This is similar to the Astrophotography mode when you’re inside of the dedicated Night Sight mode. In addition to this move, the Auto Macro toggle has been removed from the Composition section of the Settings menu.

This change should allow for greater control of when you want to enable Macro Mode on the 7 Pro, which to us, is a good thing.

The app update also made another change, one that is reported to possibly be a mistake. In the update, the double-tap gesture option for the camera was removed, the one that allowed you to either double tap to zoom in or out, or switch between the front and rear cameras. Whoops, I guess?

Be on the lookout for this change on your Pixel 7 Pro.

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