OnePlus Buds Pro Gets Sweet New Feature You’ll Love

OnePlus is slowly beginning to push out an update to OnePlus Buds Pro owners, bringing with it a highly requested feature: Dual Connection. This feature allows for simultaneous connections, enabling the ability to quickly switch between audio sources. It’s very handy.

OnePlus details exactly how to get up and running with Dual Connection following the update.

Enable the “Dual Connection” feature within the Headphone settings (go to Bluetooth Settings, press the cogwheel in front of OnePlus Pro and select Headphones) after pairing the Buds Pro with two Bluetooth devices. You can now seamless switch occurs when music is played from either one of two devices. You can also use the HeyMelody app to enable this feature in non-OnePlus devices.

OnePlus stresses that it’s incrementally rolling the update out to a small percentage of earbuds to begin with, so if you don’t see it right away, remain calm. You’ll see it eventually.

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