Nightography Delivers ‘Epic Night Shots,’ Says Samsung Researchers – Samsung Global Newsroom

In the last decade, smartphone photography has significantly progressed thanks to innovations in camera hardware, computational imaging and AI. However, capturing photos in low light has always remained a challenge that is, until Samsung Electronics debuted its revolutionary Nightography feature. First introduced in the Galaxy S22 series, Galaxy users can now enjoy even more vivid, highly optimized photos, even in the dark, with enhanced Nightogaphy for the Galaxy S23 series.


Helping users say goodnight to washed-out, blurry night images was a group effort driven by Samsung’s experts. To learn more about this groundbreaking camera feature for the Galaxy S23 series, Samsung Newsroom spoke with the experts at Samsung Research’s1 global R&D centers, who collaborated on the technology.


Read on to see what John Seok-Jun Lee, Head of Computational Camera Part at Samsung Research America (SRA), and Narasimha Gopalakrishna Pai, Head of AI Computational Imaging Part at Samsung R&D Institute India-Bangalore (SRI-B), had to say about their joint development of Nightography, the best way to take crisp photos and videos from dusk until dawn.




1 Samsung Research, acting as Samsung Electronics’ advanced R&D hub, leads the development of future technologies for the company’s Device eXperience (DX) Division.

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