Lensa’s AI Made Me Hot and That’s Just Fine

If you follow tech news regularly, you’ve likely heard about Lensa and its AI-powered Magic Avatars. Put real simply, you give the AI ten to twenty selfies/photos of you and then it returns a group of avatars for you to use wherever or however you’d like. While it’s not really an inexpensive feature to use, it definitely gets my stamp of approval.

For pricing, Lensa charges quite a premium to make these avatars. For a pack of 100 avatars, the price is $12 or $6 if you’re a subscriber to the app ($30/year). Users can utilize the free 7-day trial for the app, allowing you to access the 50% off pricing for the avatars.

To start, I opted for a 100-pack of avatars. When returned, they are broken down into different categories. I was given Mystical, Sci-Fi, Stylish, Cyborg, Anime, Rock Star, Superhero, Adventure, Astronaut, and Cosmic. Above and below you can see various examples of what the AI returned to me.

I will say, the AI provided a few pictures that made me actually look hot. Obviously that’s nice, but I’m also quite aware that this isn’t how I actually look to other people. It gave me some muscles that I don’t have, plus the AI also gave me a free nose job in a few of the avatars. I was really impressed with how it picked up on my glasses, as well as the tattoos I have, incorporating that stuff into the avatars it provided. I know there are plenty of real artists upset with AI art taking over, but as someone who just appreciates the technology, I think Lensa and this AI is pretty impressive.

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If you want to try it for yourself, follow the link below.

Google Play Link

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