Google is bringing Project Starline’s 3D video calls to everyone in 2025

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What you need to know

  • Google wants to enhance the video conferencing experience by integrating Project Starline with popular platforms like Google Meet and Zoom.
  • Teaming up with HP, Google plans to launch its 3D video call platform in 2025.
  • Project Starline introduces a teleconferencing solution that projects lifelike 3D models of participants, replicating gestures and expressions, thus simulating an in-person experience.

Google is working on bringing its Project Starline solution to everyday platforms like Google Meet and Zoom for a more lifelike video conferencing experience.

The company announced that it is partnering with HP to bring the 3D video call platform to market in 2025. Plus, it is working on making it compatible with your favorite video conferencing services so you can ditch the flat screen.

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