Gmail Just Made Tracking Packages Super Easy

Gmail is implementing a new way to see where the heck that package is, and with the holiday shopping season upon us, this is super swell timing. Rolling out over the next couple of weeks, Gmail users will have the opportunity to opt into a new package tracking feature which brings package tracking details directly to your inbox, meaning you won’t need to go searching for shipping emails and then following links to see where your goods are.

Once opted in, you’ll see expected arrival dates directly in the inbox, as well as statuses such as “Label created,” “Arriving tomorrow,” or “Delivered today.” Google says this new feature will be available across most major US shipping carriers.

In another worthy tidbit, here’s something coming in the next few months.

We also know how it feels to be waiting on a package, only to discover that it was delayed. In the coming months, Gmail will help eliminate some of that surprise. It’ll proactively show a delay label and bring the email to the top of your inbox so you don’t miss a beat (or a package).

In the realm of trivial first world problems, a delayed package is way up there on the list of annoyances. However, this feature does sound handy.

Be on the lookout for this feature to hit your Gmail app soon.

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