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“Experience the ‘flip side’ with Galaxy.”


At this year’s Galaxy Unpacked held at COEX in Seoul on July 26, Samsung Electronics unveiled a new product lineup that signaled the next era of innovation — from the upgraded Galaxy Z Flip5 and Z Fold5 to the Galaxy Watch6 series and Galaxy Tab S9 series.


Encouraging users to join the flip side and explore the possibilities of Galaxy, Samsung opened a Galaxy Studio in the Seongsu neighborhood of Seoul on July 28. This year’s Galaxy Studio enables visitors to explore the latest devices through Flip Side Market, “a lifestyle market that showcases mobile experiences unique to Galaxy.” Samsung Newsroom traveled to the Seongsu Galaxy Studio to experience the Flip Side Market locations firsthand.



▲ TM Roh, President and Head of MX Business; BongKu Kang, Vice President; Galaxy College Student Supporters and Samsung Members at the Seongsu Galaxy Studio opening ceremony.


Flip Side Market Seongsu is situated in three different spaces around Seongsu, each distinctly themed. Visitors begin their journey at Flip Side Market The Garden with the Innovation Monument of Galaxy foldables. Then, they can explore the new Galaxy products across the street at Flip Side Market Seongsu, the main experience hub resembling a marketplace.


Notably, Flip Side Market The Garden and Flip Side Market Seongsu will carry the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Z Fold5 for guests to try out. The last stop is Flip Side Market DOOR to Seongsu, where guests can purchase special dessert merchandise in collaboration with Korean convenience store brand GS25.


Samsung Newsroom traveled to the three Galaxy Experience Spaces in Seongsu — Flip Side Market The Garden, Flip Side Market Seongsu and Flip Side Market DOOR to Seongsu.


▲ “Join the flip side” with the Galaxy Z Fold 5 l Z Flip 5 visuals in Seongsu



Step #1: Flip Side Market The Garden

As you walk along the main street of Seongsu-dong, you will come across a unique exhibition of objects displayed beyond the glass windows. Decorated in mint, the main color of the Galaxy Z Flip5, Flip Side Market is hard to miss on “Yeonmujang-gil,” a popular street in Seongsu. First stop? Flip Side Market The Garden.

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▲ Flip Side Market The Garden



Make the Most of Your Visit

At Flip Side Market The Garden, guests select a Galaxy Z Flip5 or Z Fold5 in the color of their choice to get hands-on experience with the latest devices. Using the preloaded mileage, visitors can purchase a variety of programs to experience what it is like to shop with Samsung Wallet. Additionally, they have the opportunity to purchase items by using the trial phones.


▲ Guests taking a selfie and shopping with Samsung Wallet using the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Z Fold5 trial phones



The Innovation of Galaxy Foldables and New Products Exhibition

Upon entering Flip Side Market The Garden, visitors are greeted by an Innovation Monument at the center of the space, showcasing the evolution of the new foldable phones through a factory line. The Innovation Monument is a tribute to the ingenuity behind the Galaxy Z Flip and Fold lineups — displaying the production process of the devices from applying the new Flex Hinge and testing their durability to the final launch with new colors and eco-conscious, recyclable packaging.


▲ Innovation Monument at the entrance of Flip Side Market The Garden



Epic Selfie Experiences, Just for Gen Z

At Flip Side The Garden, there is a selfie zone with a variety of eye-popping backgrounds and themes for visitors to enjoy. Guests can take epic selfies from different angles using the Galaxy Z Flip5’s precise camera and other advanced features, including Flex Cam and Quick Shot. The selfie zone, designed to target Gen Z, also showcases t-shirts from Samsung’s collaboration with popular brand “Kim’s Fruits” in Korea.


▲ (From left) Selfie zone inside a locker and a picture of the guest taken directly from the Galaxy Z Flip5’s Flex Window with Quick Shot


▲ (From left) The selfie zone with different themes and the Kim’s Fruits collaboration


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Step #2: Flip Side Market Seongsu

Across Flip Side Market The Garden is Flip Side Market Seongsu, the highlight of the Galaxy Studio experience where visitors can experience all the features of the new Galaxy products unveiled at Unpacked.




The Unique Side: Simply Tap To Explore Your Personalities


Upon entering the first floor of Flip Side Market Seongsu, visitors are welcomed by a large wall that utilizes the Galaxy Z Flip5. The display showcases the larger 3.4-inch Flex Window on the Galaxy Z Flip5, creating a colorful attraction with each unique screen.


“The wall demonstrates the enhanced usability of Galaxy Z Flip5’s Flex Window,” said a tech influencer from Thailand. “I can use more apps on a larger Cover Screen and customize the screen with more choices.”


▲ Sasikarn Pongsalee and Chatpawee, the influencers of the Thai tech channel “Ceemeagain,” take a selfie using Flex Window on the Galaxy Z Flip5


On first and second floor of The Unique Side, visitors can decorate their Galaxy Z Flip5 with the all-new NFC-based Flipsuit Card. When guests choose a design and tap the changeable NFC card against the back of the device, the Flex Window automatically changes to match, just like decalcomania. By simply tapping different Flipsuit Cards, guests can find the accessories that match their personalities.


▲ Guests exploring Flipsuit Card, the NFC-based accessory for the Galaxy Z Flip5


▲ Personalize your Galaxy Z Flip5 by simply tapping the changeable NFC card against the back of the device



The Flex Side: Complete Your Fashion With Galaxy

▲ The Flex Side zone with various straps from the Galaxy Watch6 series


At The Flex Side zone on the second floor, visitors can get a glimpse into the exciting world of Galaxy Watch6 series straps to enrich their fashion styles. With the Galaxy Watch6 series on their wrists, guests can take pictures at the photo zone in front of large mirror or test out different straps just as if they are shopping at a fashion accessory boutique.

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In addition, guests can experience the 12MP high-definition rear camera, Quick Shot and FlexCam on the Galaxy Z Flip5 in two Galaxy photo booths that resemble a fitting room. Here, visitors can take a memorable shot with a frame mimicking a magazine cover or a frame in collaboration with Italian creative studio TOILETPAPER.


▲ Visitors can customize the Galaxy Watch6 series using various straps to make a fashion statement.


▲ Visitors can view themselves while taking pictures with the Galaxy Z Flip5’s Flex Window in the Galaxy Fitting Room photo booth. Pictures taken with the 12MP rear camera are available for print.



The Fun Side: An Immersive Gaming Experience Like Never Before

For passionate gamers looking for a playground, The Fun Side zone will be an immersive experience complete with the large screens of the Galaxy Z Fold5 and Galaxy Tab S9 series. Visitors can put their gaming skills to the test through a series of daily challenges, and the best gamers will be selected at the end of each day.


▲ A visitor enjoying mobile games with the Galaxy Z Fold5 in The Fun Side zone



The Creative Side: Multitasking Perfectly Made for Your Lifestyle

On the other end of the second floor is The Creative Side, a bookstore-like space where guests can experience the multitasking and productivity power of the Galaxy Z Fold5. Just like a library where books are organized by genre, the space is divided into different user lifestyle themes so guests can learn how to utilize the multitasking features on their Galaxy devices. Featuring different day-to-day scenarios — from using Split Screen View to take notes while listening to a lecture to using Pop-up view to check stock prices in real time — visitors can explore the enhanced productivity performance of the Galaxy Z Fold5.


▲ The Creative Side zone, a bookstore-like space, is filled with visitors exploring the Galaxy Z Fold5’s multitasking features



The Wellness Side: Identify Your Sleep Type and Set Healthy Sleep Habits

▲ The Wellness Side zone where visitors can learn about the enhanced sleep functions on Galaxy Watch6 series.


Guests who are curious about their sleep habits can stop by The Wellness Side for in-depth sleep insights. The zone highlights the Galaxy Watch6 series’ sleep coaching program and the Galaxy Tab S9 series’ comprehensive sleep analysis as visitors learn about their sleep type.


▲ Guests at The Wellness Side zone can take a survey to learn which animal their sleep patterns resemble and receive matching candy.



Step #3: Flip Side Market DOOR to Seongsu

After exploring the Flip Side Market locations, visitors can use their accumulated experience points to buy merchandise at Flip Side Market DOOR to Seongsu. Near Flip Side Market Seongsu, this store showcases a variety of Galaxy collaboration merchandise.


▲ Foldable products, including umbrellas and slippers, are available for purchase, as well as items from the GS25 dessert and Kim’s Fruits collaborations.


At Flip Side Market DOOR to Seongsu, guests can experience the selfie and gaming capabilities of the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Fold5. Special dessert merchandise, created in collaboration with GS25, can also be found here.


▲ (From top) Flip Side Market DOOR to Seongsu and the exhibition zone inside


Tech reporters from Singapore visiting these spaces shared: “I became extremely excited about the Galaxy Z Flip5 after attending Galaxy Unpacked at COEX. Flip Side Market was a wonderful experience, allowing me to creatively enjoy the Galaxy Z Flip5.”


▲ Media 8World Entertainment Lifestyle’s Jia Haur Lim and Lianhe Zaobao’s Slow Wee Dennis Ng, both from Singapore, pose in front of Flip Side Market vending machines with GS25 collaboration merchandise.


Seongsu Galaxy Studio invites visitors to explore the connected Galaxy ecosystem and discover a mobile experience made just for them. The three Flip Side Market locations will be open until August 20, 2023.

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