Bug Fixes Galore in NVIDIA SHIELD Upgrade 9.1.1

NVIDIA, the true king of Android upgrades, announced the release of SHIELD Upgrade 9.1.1 this week, chock full of bug fixes and a solid list of enhancements.

As for what’s inside, we’ve pasted NVIDIA’s long list below, but a few of the highlights include an added power control option to wake SHIELD when the TV’s input changes to SHIELD, a developer option to force Dolby Vision Low Latency, a launch issue resolve for some Samsung Galaxy phones, as well as a fix for an annoying bug that prevented protected content to play while an external storage was connected.

Peep the full list below, then get your SHIELD TV updated.


  • Adds power control option to wake SHIELD when TV input changes to SHIELD
  • Adds developer option to force Dolby Vision Low Latency if available
    • Enable if Dolby Vision not properly detected on some Philips TVs
  • Resolves large smb file transfer disconnect issues by disabling anonymous access by virus
  • Adds developer option to improve HDMI-CEC volume control for AVR/Soundbars (“Clean up
    preferred playback logical address”)
  • General cleanup and re-organization of developer options

Bug Fixes


  • [Android only] Resolves issue where SHIELD TV app would not launch properly on some
    Samsung Galaxy phones


  • Fixes bug where protected content would not play if external storage is connected
  • Fixes color accuracy bug when “Default to Rec .709 for HD videos” developer option is
  • Fixes issue where Automatic Game Mode would be enabled on NVIDIA Games even when
  • [SHIELD 2019 models] Resolves video crash issue when seeking in quick succession when
    Dolby Audio Processing is enabled
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  • [SHIELD 2019 models] Resolves issue where audio would not be present until reboot when
    Dolby Audio Processing is enabled
  • [SHIELD 2019 models] Resolves issue where audio would play at an accelerated rate when
    Dolby Audio Processing is enabled


  • Fixes bug where files were not detected properly on connected removable storage
  • Fixes bug when mounting NAS using IP addresses for accounts with empty passwords


  • Resolves issue where Simplified wake buttons would not power on IR controlled TV
  • Resolves issue where SHIELD would be unresponsive to BT devices up to 60 seconds after
  • [2015/2017 SHIELD] Resolves MxMaster 3 BT mouse pairing issue
  • Resolves issue where TV remote would not control SHIELD 30 seconds after waking SHIELD
  • Resolves some issues where CEC volume control was not functioning properly on AV
    receivers or soundbars
  • Resolves issue where Control4 systems would not wake up SHIELD if systems is turned off while Screensaver is active


  • Resolves issues where UI would be displayed in low resolution for a split second
  • Fixes bug where user had to select a home app when setting up SHIELD after factory reset or
    system upgrades
  • “Enable Dolby Vision” notification will be suppressed after dismissing
  • Fixes bug where region specific apps would not be visible after disabling
  • Fixes bug where microphone notification would be displayed on “Ok Google” hotword
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